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Mech-Q Engineering Software

Finally an easy to use CAD engineering software for the budget minded professional.  

CADavenue has been serving customers in North America and worldwide since 2009. We specialize engineering add-ons for AutoCAD, Briscad and IntelliCAD and also offer a stand-alone CAD engineering software  for Windows versions XP through 10.

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Piping software for AutoCAD

Fittings, pumps, tanks and more...

Structural software for AutoCAD

Steel shapes, stairs, railings and more...

Ducting software for AutoCAD

Rectangular, round and oval and more...

Mechanical software for AutoCAD

Nuts, bolts, gears conveyors and more...

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There are many ways to get started. Choose our perpetual license option or subscribe each month or by the year.  If you already have CAD, Engineering modules can be purchase separately. 

Paul S. 


Mech-Q Piping is fantastic, when I draw a Flange for example, it gives me the exact dimension of the part based on what criteria I enter. When doing this by hand drafting its no comparison to what I can achieve with Mech-Q.

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CAD Engineering Software Dialog Interface

Mech-Q integrates directly into your CAD toolbar (classic) or ribbon. If you don't have CAD we also can provide AViCAD, our AutoCAD-Like App with Mech-Q included (shown above).

Mech-Q Engineering Software
  • Add-on to your CAD
  • Get all 4 modules
  • Or Purchase individually
AViCAD Standalone CAD with Mech-Q
  • CAD App with Mech-Q
  • Includes all 4 modules
  • AutoCAD-Like interface 
Plate n Sheet Unfolding Software For Fabrication

* Not a part of the Mech-Q Suite

  • Separate standalone * 
  • Unfolding tool for fabrication
  • Use with CNC / plasma tables
Mech-Q Tools For Engineers

What makes Mech-Q stand apart from the rest?

Awsome features you'll find inside Mech-Q

Tools Galore

Choose from Piping, Structural, Ducting or Mechanical. A Full Suite which includes all tools is also available.

2D, 3D and ISO

Simple to use visual dialog interfaces allow you to switch between different drawing modes quickly and easily. 

Customize It

Match your office layer standards using the layers configuration tool plus edit parts with the database editor.


Since 1992 Mech-Q is trusted by tens of thousands of AutoCAD® engineers and fabrication shops worldwide.

Video Training

We've got a large selection of video learning tutorials to choose from. Many can be found on our Youtube channel. 

Unlimited Support

Your customer support never expires. Call us today, were in PST time 8-5 Mon-Fri at 888-271-7121.

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Mech-Q and other CAD Software

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Discover how Mech-Q, AViCAD and Plate 'n' Sheet can instantly turn you into a productivity machine! Give us a shout today at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk anytime.

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