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Supercharge your drafting productivity with our CAD Engineering Tools today.

Finally, mechanical engineering software that’s not over-engineered and not over-priced.

If you are looking to supercharge your engineering workflow, you’re in the right place.

Instantly become productive using our Piping, HVAC, Mechanical and Structural Solution with or without AutoCAD. Do more with less time and get drawings delivered and projects done without spending a fortune on software.

Below is a 2 minute intro to Mech-Q. If you don't have CAD you can use Mech-Q in our complete package called AViCAD.

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If you are looking to rev up your engineering productivity, we've got just the right CAD drafting and design solution to fit your needs.

this is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product!

John Lovin


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MechQ made my design and drafting work flow so much easier, and now it is available in one package.

This is the bargain for all engineers that have to include drawing work in their scope of supply, even more so for them who want the chance to learn it, and now they can without being restricted by the cost of the big boy package.

Alan Mullin
SJM Projects

Whether you are specifically looking for great Engineering Software or needing a all in on soultion, we've got the software that will get the job done effortlessly every time.

Here's what our Engineering Tools will do for you:

  • Easily draw Piping, Ducting, Structural and Mechanical fittings.
  • Pick and choose what you need using a simple dialog interface
  • Run a bill of materials (BOM) within the program
  • Draw your schematics in either 2D or 3D
  • Share your drawings with anyone

Our clients are involved in hydro power, food processing, aquaculture, petrochemical, biotechnology, treatment plants, heavy industry, marine, mining, military, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy generation, snow making plants and various other related markets.

Don't have AutoCAD? No Problem

We also offer a Mech-Q stand-alone called AViCAD which  includes the same professional Mech-Q engineering tools as found in our AutoCAD add-on. You don't need CAD installed on your system to get started. We provide you with this CAD engine free.

Whats inside AViCAD?

Just like Mech-Q for AutoCAD, when our engineering tools launch, a dialog box will appear where you can choose parameters and then insert your fittings into a drawing.

5 reasons to choose Mech-Q

When your project is completed, simply save the file you and your coworkers can easily exchange, even modify the schematic with or without our software.

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We have been serving CAD users worldwide since 1998. Our office are located in Pacific Northwest and we offer lifetime technical support on all our products. If you ever need help or just have a comment, feel free to contact us at our main helpdesk 24/7.

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Everyone needs to the extra edge nowadays to become more competitive.

Ask Erik Z., head of support at, how Mech-Q, AViCAD and Plate 'n' Sheet can instantly turn you into a productivity machine! Give us a call today at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk anytime.

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