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AutoCAD 2012 Released!

AutoCAD 2012What can you expect in AutoCAD 2012?

AutoCAD 2012 now ships with a new Content Explorer. Much like Design Center you can now search network locations to find your block libraries. AutoCAD 2012 also indexes your libraries which dramatically speeds up searches.

In addition, Autodesk had added a new interface is added for Autodesk Exchange with online resources, help files, and videos. Also added is AutoCAD WS , an online sharing and collaboration website.

Auto-Command Complete has also been added . Just start typing what you are looking for and commands appear as you type more letters. If you’re one to use the command like this will save lots of time spent typing.

The new Array functionality allows to maintain and edit a set of relationships between arrayed objects. For example, you can modify the number of rows or columns in a object grouping and update the layout very quickly. In addition it integrates the Divide or Measure command and updates the drawing accordingly.

Improved grip options have also been added. New features have been added spending upon the object type you happen to hover over. For example, new grips for Dimensions allow you to flip arrows, adjust text position and so forth.

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Don’t have CAD? No problem.

Compatible CAD Applications for MechQMech-Q is an CAD add-on and runs inside many different CAD platforms. Mech-Q is also compatible with Windows 7 & 64 bit.

You can also download demos of the Mech-Q supported CAD applications by visiting their respective trial pages below.

Mech-Q supports these popular CAD Applications

Why not try MECH-Q for yourself?

Note: You can also download a trial of AutoCAD LT here if desired.

Our Structural Steel Package

strsteelOur Structural Steel Detailing utility draws in both 2D & 3D and includes auto-BOM scheduling. Various modules also include auto-dimensioning of components to fabrication details.

We have also released versions to run in several CAD packages including: AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and IntelliCAD and AViCAD. Try our Structural Add-On today.

Structural modules include:

  • Steel Shapes & Beams
  • Structural Stairs Utility
  • Structural Ladders Utility
  • Structural Hand Railing
  • Structural Bracing
  • Beam to Beam Connections
  • Structural Welded Frames
  • Beam Design Module
  • Welding Symbols

Standard Steel Shapes and sizes included:

AISC/ASTM : W & WT, S, M, HP, C, MC, L & RHS
Canadian (CISC):W, WWF, S, M, HP, C, MC, L & HSS.

Plus many Metric sizes as well!

Now Two Engineering Software Solutions

We now offer two primary engineering options at CADavenue. Both software packages allow you to create drawings by using dialogs that guide you through the entire process of creating piping assemblies, mechanical fasteners, structural beam connections and HVAC diagrams.

Read more

Other CAD products we carry…

We also offer these CAD programs:

Plate ‘n’ Sheet

Create and unfold shapes for ducting, piping and steel. Viewed your results as a 3D model or flat pattern at any stage of the process. Saves patterns as DXF for importing into most CAD programs!

CustomAir Ducting System

A 2D Duct system module containing utilities for drawing SEMCO Inc., CustomAir Duct Systems components.

And Many More CAD Downloads!

View Complete Listing

Win A Free Copy Of Mech-Q or AViCAD!

During the month of August 2011 we are giving away lots of prizes.

Our biggest prize is a FREE copy of Mech-Q. But in case you don’t win that we have others as well.

Winners will be chosen randomly. Your Emails will remain private. Read more about how to win a free copy of Mech-Q or AViCAD.

What’s you best solution?

Mech-Q and other CAD Software

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