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FAQ About Our Mechanical Software

How long will the trial run for?

Evaluation copies of our Mechanical Software packages are provided at no charge, for a 30 day evaluation period.

We encourage you to pass copies of our software amongst your colleagues for evaluation. If you find the program useful and wish to continue using it beyond the evaluation period, a payment will be required to use the software. Otherwise you may uninstall the software with  no questions asked.

How do I purchase?

The license fee can be paid by any of the following methods:

Credit Card – Order Online through a Secure Server
PayPal – Select option at checkout
Purchase Orders – We accepted them from recognized businesses and institutions

View Mech-Q Add-On
View AViCAD Standalone
View Plate ‘n’ Sheet Standalone

What will I receive after I order?

We will immediately send your registration information (using the same e-mail provided at checkout). Backup CD’s can also be requested.

You will also receive a printable receipt for your records, indicating that the program is properly registered.

What are the benefits of registering?

Registration of our Mechanical Software allows us to further develop the software and provides additional benefits:

  • Free Technical Support via email, within the program’s existing capabilities.
  • Notification of any New Releases via email.
  • Free upgrades within 12 months via direct download from the CADavenue web site.

An Extended Maintenance Contract is also available.

What license types do you offer

Single User Licenses

The “User License” allows one copy of the software to be used on any machine by one individual at a time. We allow a single Mech-Q license to be used on up to two computers with if the computer is used and owned by the same user and is not connected to your network (ie. Laptop or off-site computer)

Network Licenses

The Network License allows multiple copies of the software to be used at the same time. When an user wishes to run the application they request a license from a central license server. For example, with two floating licenses, any number of users can have the software installed, but only two can use it at at a time – the others must wait for them to finish using it.

The Network License option are available for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, AViCAD and Plate ‘n’ Sheet.

Site Licenses

For larger companies we also offer site licensing. Please contact us for a quote.

How do I register your Mechanical Software?

A application serial code (ASN) is provided within the software at the time of the trial. The ASN can be found at the startup screen and within the Menu under Maintenance and Authorize.

After purchasing our Mechanical Software copy down the ASN and email it to us at support @ A permanent registration code will be emailed back, which will activate the software and turn off the trial reminder notice on the start-up screen.

Can I upgrade for free in the future?

We offer a free update period for 12 months within the same major release. For more about how updates work, please see our getting started page in the FAQ section. We also offer a Service & Maintenance Contract which may be purchased for extended periods of 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.  This allows you to receive free updates for future AutoCAD releases. Read more >

How do I request a feature?

Please feel free to send your suggestions for improvements and additional features. Your feedback will be given serious consideration.

How do I remove your program?

Program removal Steps

Step 1 Click the “Start” button, and then click the “Control Panel” icon in the Start menu. This opens the Control Panel window.

Step 2 Click the “Add or Remove Programs” icon in the Control Panel window. This opens the Add or Remove Programs window.

Step 3 Click to select Mech-Q, AViCAD or Plate ‘n’ Sheet in the “Currently installed programs” list.

Step 4 Click the “Remove” button in the Control Panel window. This start the uninstall wizard.

Step 5 Follow the prompts in the uninstall wizard. Close the wizard when it finishes, and then close the Control Panel to complete the process.

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Mech-Q and other CAD Software

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