New AViCAD Ebook Released!

Just a quick announcement to let you know we’ve released a new PDF book for

A brand new way to dimension in 3-D – available in Mech-Q or AViCAD

Are you a mechanical detailer who’s completely frustrated dimensioning your 3D models? Do you need

New 3D Piping Tools In Latest Release

We are happy to announce that we have now added new 3D Piping Tools (Mech-Q

A Faster – Better Way to Draw in 2D or 3D

Our Engineering Suite is parametric in design. Create drawings using dialogs boxes that guide you

How to create 3D Dimensions in just 3 steps using Mech-Q

Dimensioning in 3D can be a tricky process in CAD. The UCS (the coordinates system

Mech-Q Ducting Module

Mech-Q Ducting is an add-on for AutoCAD, Bricscad and IntelliCAD. It is also available within

Mech-Q Mechanical Module

Mech-Q Mechanical is an add-on for AutoCAD. It is also available within our CAD standalone

3D Ductwork Software Demo

Learn how to use our 3D Ducting HVAC Software - 3D Ductwork Software Demo Shows

How to create 3D flanges for your Piping Drawings

Flanges can be a little tricky to draw by hand in CAD – especially if

Upgrade your Mech-Q add-on

If you are an older Mech-Q user and have let your yearly renewal expire,  you