Our Structural Steel Package

Our Structural Steel Detailing utility draws in both 2D & 3D and includes auto-BOM scheduling.

Can I edit and still retain BOM data?

A common question is how to edit the drawings created by Mech-Q and retain the

How to draw fasteners using MechQ

Below is a short video on how easily draw fasteners using MechQ. It includes Nuts

Toolbars available in MechQ

A quick look at all the toolbars available in our engineering package. Accesedin AutoCAD though

Manually Updating Paths In MechQ

In rare instances, the installer may not be able to update the path from AutoCAD

Adding Menus In MechQ

The MechQ installer is normally a one step automatic process. But on some installations you

Now Two Engineering Software Solutions

Watch our slide presentation! The beauty of Mech-Q is that you buy what you need.

Learn how to draw mechanical schematics!

Effortlessly draw simple or complex mechanical schematics. Just pick points to generate your drawing and

Other CAD products we carry…

We are also pleased to announce we now carry a new extender for AutoCAD LT