AViCAD’s Lastest Features

AViCAD Pro Latest Release:

Over the past year our development team have been busy creating an even more dynamic drawing solution with new features and utilities to optimize the design process and enhance the entire drawing process.

A look at AViCAD 2017

AViCAD version features:

Faster … better

AViCAD 2017 runs faster and more efficiently than ever before with 64 bit processing. Graphics is more responsive and greater compatibility with graphics memory cards.

Create and view Tables

A new AutoCAD-like ribbon has been added to the top bar. This is essentially a compact palette of all of the tools necessary to create or modify your drawing. Within the ribbon is a series of tabs, which are organized into panels containing many of tools found in the classic toolbar.
Just like AutoCAD® you can now edit and Tables within your drawing. With the latest release you can also create table styles. Create new tables directly inside the drawing sheet or optionally insert, copy and paste tables from Excel. Tables can also be produced using the attributes of those blocks inserted within drawing. See screenshot >

Dynamic Blocks Editing

New improvements have been made to make it possible for to edit existing dynamic blocks through the Grips. Dynamic blocks are a unique way to change size and shape of a symbol without having to clutter your library with different variations. Instead you modify the block on the fly.

Improved Batch Plotting and Printing

Layouts drawn from one or more drawing file can be printed or exported to PDF or DWF using the print configurations of individual layouts. Speed up your printing process with AViCAD today. See screenshot >

3D Printing and exporting

STL file output for 3D printers additionally – Plus new support for .dae file type used in SketchUp, 3DS Max etc. AViCAD will also exports in the following formats: PDF, DWF, 3DS, DAE, STL, LWO, POV, BMP, WMF, EMF and SVG. See screenshot >
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3D PDF Export

Create a 3D PDF file that us completely interactive. Rotate, zoom even render using a sketch-like effect directly within the PDF. Layers and views can also be toggled on and off as needed. See our video below for more.

AViCAD is loaded with surprises. Take 2 minutes and watch a new video about our new Export 3D PDF module, which is included inside AViCAD.

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AViCAD is extremely versatile CAD software and includes many extra tools you just won’t find in other drawing packages.

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