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Mech-Q Suite & Modules

Engineering add-on containing Piping, Structural, Ducting & Mechanical.
For AutoCAD, Bricscad & IntelliCAD.

2D/3D CAD & Mech-Q

Don't have CAD and want to try Mech-Q? This is our AutoCAD-Like package with Mech-Q plus other drawing tools.

Plate 'n' Sheet

Separate standalone which 
unfolds shapes for fabrication
Use with CNC / plasma tables & more.

Free demos have been restricted and certain routines and functions have been disabled.  Demo options include AutoCAD, Bricscad and IntelliCAD.

If you have AutoCAD or Bricscad or want to use AViCAD with all features enabled, check out our subscription options which also include a 15 day trial followed by a zero commitment monthly payment option.