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Todays Overview: What's this course about?

Thanks for signing up. We'll be sending you 2 videos each week. Additionally if you have AViCAD (our Mech-Q standalone) we recommend that you update the Mech-Q tools using this link or the one in the homework section below..

Today I’ll show you what's inside the course. 

During the course of this week you will learn to do a true 3D piping spool sheet from start to finish including layer settings, basic piping settings BOM settings, tagging, dimensioning, BOM generation, plotting and PDF creation.

What’s required:

It’s recommended, not required, that you have either a demo or registered version of AViCAD installed. If you are using our free version you can follow along through the Bill Of Materials (BOM) but you wont be able to create those. Contact for more on how to use BOM in the course.

If you have already AutoCAD Full version you can also download a free trial of Mech-Q add-on as well.

Who this course is for:

Any beginning to advanced CAD user with a general knowledge of how to create basic 2D CAD drawings but not required. A general understanding of how to edit move and copy entities will also be helpful.

Who this course is not for:

If you are brand new to CAD, some of the concepts may be a little difficult. If you still want to try the course just be sure to set some time aside to learn some basic CAD. Contact us for suggestions (we also have a 6 day beginners CAD course too! but no piping in that one just basic CAD commands). 

What's next?

If your new to CADavenue, be sure to check your email to confirm the course or you won't receive the videos ! If you've received emails from us before, you won't have to confirm. We'll be sending videos soon. If they do not arrive within a day or two let us know!

Download Mech-Q (You'll choose if you have AutoCAD or not before you download) .

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