AViCAD 2021: Release 21.0.6

 Great news. We have just updated AViCAD 2021 with many improvements.

For those already using AViCAD 2021, please fill out form to receive download instructions.

A brand new CAD version install along with these improvements:    

– Fully compatible with AutoCAD® 2022  
– Updated Mech-Q and fixes  
– New Mech-Q centimeter and foot option for large civil projects.  
– Both 2D and 3D updates to the program  
– Tool Palette and Quick Property improvements   
– Stability improvements
And much more (click to see full list)

Fixed speed of selection of 2d Polylines with many vertexes (+10k)
Fixed FLATTEN command with 3d Solids objects
Added message for unsupported Revit file version
Fixed APPLOAD command to load lisp that contains COMMAND
Fixed purge of Dynamic blocks to avoid delete of referenced dynamic blocks
Implemented print of TIFF file using JPG printer
Fixed selection speed in drawing with too complex hatch, ignored (not regenerated) hatches with more than 5000 loops.
Implemented sysvar fields in FIELD command
Reduced size of objects pasted in Word-Excel, Added EMFFACTOR and WMFFACTOR to change size factor of EMF and WMF created during COPYCLIP
Improved PDF2CAD command: now it will display only one message if some of the input files were skipped during Batch conversion.
Improved PDF2CAD: handled skipped files Improved “Single File” mode tab: now it will display an error if invalid PDF file is selected Code Cleanup
Disabled thumbnail generation during autosave to increase speed of autosave
Fixed OFFSET with lines standing on different Z levels
Fixed the initial height of the DWG Preview in Open File dialog
Restored vertex grips of non associative hatch created selecting objects
Property palette :Fixed change of number of items and angle between items of polar array if angle is less than 360?
Fixed print of images with a page size larger than A3
Fixed lag after copy of block
Removed “last access” from open/save dialog
Fixed a bug in DATAEXTRACTION dialog when user is unable to move from step “Data Source” to step “Select Objects”.
Fixed default option not being recognized by PCAD in a few prompts of the _3DARRAY command
Property palette: Fixed change of total angle of polar array if angle is less than 360?
Fixed speed of COPY of some specific blocks in a big drawing
fixed the command bar position in a Multi-Monitor context. Now it appears on the correct monitor when the AViCAD startup.
Fixed temporary OSNAP in ZOOM window command with OSNAPCOORD = 2
Fixed zoom and pan with ZOOMDETAIL = -1
Fixed update of Quick property palette changing color with ribbon or toolbar combobox
Fixed insertion of blocks from tool palette: layer names and other styles coming from inserted blocks are preserved
Print: removed message and popup about 3d hidden/shaded view and plot styles
Fixed EXTRUDE direction option with NWUCS
Fixed ELEVZERO command with REGION objects: the command now filters out REGION objects
Fixed display of main window during application startup
Fixed ESNAP and ETRACK markers in diffent VPORTS : Restored SNAPALLVIEWS to 0
Changed selection windows to display only in active window
Quick Property: added a limit to height max to 750 pixel, added scroolbar when exceed to height limit
Improved speed of command hint list with great number of results
Added OneDrive business path to cloud commands
Fixed load of some commands opening drawing with double click on PC with QUADRO video cards
PDF2CAD : Fixed crash when attempting to show preview of a protected PDF file.
Fixed display of DGN underlay
Fixed wrong DIST result on layout Viewport
Implemented dimension scale depending from layout viewport scale
Implemented PURGE of empty text objects
Fixed APPLOAD of .NET modules , filename is not requested twice
Fixed exception finding hatch boundary
Added IMPROVETEXTQLTY variable to HWCONFIG dialog
Fixed delete of unused files in temp and in backup folder, changed number of backup files to 2, changed remove of old backup file controlled by BACKUPOPEN variable
Added check to avoid crash using layout tab during block editor
Fixed explorer preview pane after AViCAD start
Fixed edit of text of annotative dimension
Fixed activation/deactivation of POLAR and ORTHO passing from one drawing to another
Fixed problem using PUBLISH with our PDF printer, added license activation and set options for each page
Fixed open time and anomal memory usage opening drawing with clipped blocks
Improved speed of regeneration of TTF text
Added IMPROVETEXTQLTY variable to enable or disable change of TEXTQLTY variable opening drawing
Fixed DIMRADIUS command when circle stands on z plane different from current elevation

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