Whats new in AViCAD?

  • We’re releasing 2025 with hundreds of improvements and a new CAD engine that makes everything faster and more stable.
  • If you upgrade after March 1, 2024,  you’ll get an automatic upgrade to AviCAD 2025 at no extra cost
  • AviCAD offers faster operations for opening, saving, and regenerating drawings, providing a smoother and more efficient workflow.
  • MAPIMPORT and MAPIINSERT: These commands allow for the insertion of geospatial data and multiple images at once, which helps integrate extensive geographic and image data into projects.
  • 3DWALK and 3DFLY: Enhance the 3D viewing experience by simulating walking or flying through models.
  • AviCAD now has better support for importing and managing BIM files, such as IFC and Revit files, with enhanced layer management.
  • Link and synchronize data between AviCAD tables and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, allowing for real-time updates and changes.
  • New capabilities like AIDIMSTYLE, which creates custom dimension styles from existing dimensions, and LAYMRG, which merges layers and streamlines layer management.
  • AviCAD now supports a wide range of file formats, including the latest AutoCAD® DWG files, and introduces new import/export capabilities for formats like PDF, IGES, and STEP.
Upgrades Include Plus For Free
Please use the AViCAD | Help | About to find your existing AViCAD version. Then choose your version to see price. This offer may end soon.

AViCAD Upgrade

AViCAD is a cost-effective CAD software with robust engineering, architectural, and drafting tools.

Upgrade today to AViCAD 2024 and receive AViCAD 2025 free.

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All upgrades include the Plus version containing PDF to DWG, Solidworks import-export, 3D PDF Creator, Easyarch, Icadlibrary, and the Mech-Q Suite.

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