Mech-Q Upgrade


The latest Mech-Q includes all the features you love plus:

  • Latest compatibility with AutoCAD 2018 and earlier
  • Several minor improvements & bug fixes
  • General maintenance release
  • Includes 12 months free upgrades
  • Plus switch to any Full AutoCAD version for 1 year




What’s included in the upgrade?

Premium email and phone support. This includes remote assistance if needed.

Free Upgrades from one Mech-Q product version to a newer product version (Eg: Mech-Q v4.0 to current Mech-Q version)

Upgrades from one Mech-Q CAD version to a newer Mech-Q CAD version (Eg: Mech-Q for AutoCAD 2019 to Mech-Q for AutoCAD 2020)