Mech-Q Modules / Full Suite



Please select Piping, Structural, Ducting and Mechanical or get all 4 within the Full Suite. Mech-Q runs in AutoCAD, Bricscad or IntelliCAD.

If you have AutoCAD LT or don’t have CAD we’ll supply you with CAD (AViCAD) at no additional cost.

The Full Mech-Q Suite is also included in AViCAD. Software download is available immediately to the email address you provide at checkout.

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The Mech-Q engineering modules run inside AutoCAD, Bricscad or IntelliCAD. The Full Suite is also offered and includes all 4 modules: Piping, Ducting Structural and Mechanical.

Mech-Q will not run in AutoCAD LT. If you don’t have CAD or have LT we offer AViCAD, our full 2D/3D AutoCAD alternative.

Read more about Mech-Q and each module offered. See our affordable CAD Standalone with Mech-Q. We supply you with CAD at no additional cost!

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