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Deal Of The Week

We’ve been busy remodeling! Today we are happy to announce our newly renovated website.

CADavenue offers Mech-Q, AViCAD and other add-ons like Plate ‘n’ Sheet plus other LT tools too.

To celebrate the new site we’re offering a special. Use our $100 off coupon discount “ celebate ” at the cart checkout – it’s valid for AViCAD, Mech-Q & Plate ‘n’ Sheet. Plus you’ll automatically receive a FREE 6 months of free upgrades for any new Mech-Q releases and the upcoming AviCAD 2013 release.

With all the modules in Mech-Q including Piping, Ducting, Structural and Mechanical – you’ll have a complete arsenal of tools to get you projects done quickly and professionally.

With Mech-Q you’ll be able to:

  • Instantaneously triple your productivity
  • Easily share your drawings with anyone
  • Create BOM and tabulate your drawing
  • Draw Single Line, Double Line ISO and 3D
  • Win over your clients and beat deadlines

With Mech-Q you can draw objects in a fraction of the time it takes to draw them by hand. You can runs a bill of materials (BOM) within the program, draw parametrically in 2D or 3D and more.

Try Mech-Q unrestricted for 21 days – take advantage of this months pricing as sale expires soon.

Get The Competitive Edge

Mech-Q Support

Everyone needs to the extra edge nowadays to become more competitive.

Ask Erik Z., head of support at, how Mech-Q, AViCAD and Plate 'n' Sheet can instantly turn you into a productivity machine! Give us a call today at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk anytime.

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