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Structural Software – Steel Beams, Stairs, Ladders & More

Our Structural Software draws structural steel member including steel shapes (beams, columns and miscellaneous), beam-connections, stairs, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, welding symbols, beam loading designer and much more.

Steel shapes include: AISC, BHP, CISC, DIN, RSA, JIS, IS, Chinese...The module draws both in 2D & 3D and generates a weighted auto-BOM Some modules include auto dimensioning of components to fabrication details. The structural software supports both Metric & English (Imperial) Units.

Steel Shapes & Beams

Our structural software add-on draws steel beams in both 2D & 3D and includes Auto-BOM with weighted BOM (fully customizable). This structural steel shape routine supports data listing with a pick & match option. Layers are fully customizable. Curved beam option also available. Annotates shapes and beams as needed.

Main Features:

  • 2D & 3D Capability
  • Auto-BOM with weighted BOM (fully customisable)
  • Data listing, pick & match option
  • Fully customisable layers
  • Curved beam option
  • Annotation option

Structural Stairs Utility

Structural Stairs Utility will draw stairs to the configuration set by the user. The routine will also draw Single-flight and multi-flight stairs in Front, Plan and End views and then add the main Dimensions and Stair Data as required. Handrail outline can also be included.

Stringer Detail - With auto-dimensioning for fabrication. Use the program design feature to draw the stairs - then by simply picking the stairs stringer, it will be auto-detailed for you.

Also includes concrete Pan Style stair tread. The user has full control on the stairs design parameters, including stringer and tread sizes, slope, width, stair flights configuration.

Main Features:

  • Draw Single-flight and multi-flight stairs
  • Front, Plan and End views
  • Auto-handrailing
  • Several stringer & tread options - With auto-dimensioning of stringer for shop fabrication
  • Fully customizable with full control on the stairs design parameters, including:
    • stringer and tread sizes
    • slope
    • width
    • stair flights configuration
  • Fully customisable layers
  • Easy to use and configure

Structural Bracing

Fully Customizable sizes & layers. Supporting welded, welded cleat, bolted cleat or bolted straight bracing. Simple to use, draws bracing in 4 easy steps! Fixing options include Welded, welded cleat, bolted cleat or bolted straight.

Main Features:

  • Fully Customizable sizes & layers
  • Welded, welded cleat, bolted cleat or bolted straight
  • Bracing drawn in 4 easy steps:
  • Select IP 1st point
  • Select fixing member at 1st point
  • Select IP 2nd point
  • Select fixing member at 2nd point

Beam to Beam Connections:

Drawing structural steel beams is easy with our structural software software add-on. Includes several connections types: bolted & moment Plate, angle or double angle cleats. Will draw in plan or front draw views. Customizable layers & connection sizes & design w/ auto-dimensioning to fabrication details. Beam weights calculator and much more included.

Main Features:

  • Several connections types: Bolted & moment
  • Plate, angle or double angle cleats
  • Plan or front draw views
  • Customizable layers & connection sizes & design
  • Auto-dimensioning to fabrication details
  • Dimensioning style & options to meet most detailing requirements.
  • Beam weights calculator
  • Several draw options
  • Easy to use and configure....

Structural Welded Frames:

  • Bevel or Square corners.
  • Plan, End view (X) and End view (Y)
  • Plan or end draw views
  • Customizable layers & sizes
  • Auto-dimensioning to fabrication details
  • Several draw options

Beam Design Module

The utility is a design tool for calculating stresses and deflections for simple beam cases.

  • Beam cases Include:
  • Simply Supported
  • Cantilever
  • Propped Cantilever
  • Build-in
  • Several load cases and load combinations are supported Output:
  • Reactions at supports
  • Calculated Deflections and Stresses
  • Plot of stress and deflections
  • Printed Result
  • Minimum Steel Sections for the given load cases.
  • Several configurations & calculation options...

Welding Symbols

  • Several welding symbols Include:
  • Fillet
  • Bevel-butt
  • Vee-Butt
  • Square-Butt
  • U-Butt
  • J-Butt
  • Flare-V
  • Flare-bevel
  • Plug
  • Spot welding
  • Seam welding
  • Stud welding
  • Bead welding
  • Surface welding
  • Welding note option
  • Configurable size & layers
  • Several options & auxiliary symbols: Site, all round, leader, intermittent...

Other modules & utilities included

Steel Shapes included:

  • Metric:
    • Australian : (BHP):Hot Rolled sections, including: UB, UC, PFC, EA, UA, Welded UB & UC and RHS.
    • European : (DIN):INP & IPE, HEA & HEB, UNP & UPE, LE & LU, & RHS
    • British Standard : (BS): UB, UC, PFC, EA, UA, CHS & RHS
    • Canadian : (CISC) : W, WWF, S, M, HP, C, MC, L & HSS.
    • South African : (RSA): I , H, Channels, Angles, & RHS.
    • Japanese : (JIS): I , H, Channels, Angles, & RHS.
    • Indian : (IS):Beams , Channels, Angles, & RHS.
    • Chinese: HW, M &N Beams, Channels, Angles, & RHS sections,

  • English:
    • US : AISC/ASTM: W & WT, S, M, HP, C, MC, L & RHS
    • Canadian : (CISC):W, WWF, S, M, HP, C, MC, L & HSS.

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