Draw fast, and save money using our CAD engineering software

We offer a complete CAD software suite for engineers that is affordable and extremely easy to learn. Try it for 30 days. No CC is required.

We offer a complete CAD software suite for engineers that is affordable and extremely easy to learn. You can try it for 30 days. No CC is required.

Get drawings done with less effort

Learn to become more productive at CAD using our engineering tools called Mech-Q. Our software works seamlessly inside Autodesk’s AutoCAD ®, Bricscad, and Intellicad software programs. Mech-Q is built by engineers and for engineers.

The drawing utilities are available as a Full Engineering Suite, or you can choose only the modules you need and customize it to your office.

If you don’t have CAD, we offer AViCAD (an AutoCAD alternative) at a fraction of the price you would typically pay. AViCAD also supports DWG file types. AViCAD also includes Mech-Q at no extra cost.

Draw 2D schematics and create 3D solids

Mech-Q is easy to use and can create 2D and ISO schematics. It can be used as an advanced 3D tool at the same time.

Users can also choose between 2D drafting and 3D drafting modes. It can draw 2D isometrics, double-line schematics, or create complex models, all with ease.

The Ducting and Structural software also works similarly to the Piping software. After selecting the spec you need, points are entered to define the route and then the parts are created as you work from point to point.

It’s a perfect fit for beginning and experienced engineers and includes many options depending on what you need to be drawn. CAD training videos are also available to get you started right away.

Advanced features at your fingertips

Advanced features include the ability to create complex models and 3D designs, generate a bill of material (BOM), tabulate data, and create tables. 

Mech-Q lets you draw how you draw – no more wasting time doing repetitive tasks or manual drafting. It allows you to create professional-level engineering drawings with ease. With Mech-Q, you won’t need to search for pipe fittings, ducting shapes, steel beams, or pipe fittings. All the tools are accessible inside the top menubar or ribbon.

Mech-Q-Mechanical CAD Add-On

Supported CAD software programs

Mech-Q software compatibility

Excellent tool for beginners…

Mech-Q Piping is an excellent tool for beginners or experienced users all wrapped up in one single platform
Rick Stone
Mech-Q Engineering Software Menu

Get a free 30 day trial, no CC req’d

No CC is required.

CAD Software Built For Engineers

Engineers, drafters, and designers typically use Mech-Q’s suite of utilities or modules to draw, modify, and tabulate parts. 

Modules include Piping, Ducting, Structural, and Mechanical (below is a list of modules in our software suite).

The CAD engineering software will streamline and automate repetitive tasks and dramatically reduce errors associated with manual drafting.  `

Includes various pipes, fittings, flanges, and valves: Welded, flanged, threaded, ductile & cast iron, Victaulic stainless, PVC. This module creates accurate drawings and allows you to create drawings at a professional level.

Other advanced tools include Isometric piping, P&ID, fabricated pipe, hangers, clamps, Vessels, pumps… Draws single-line, isometric and 3D models. Tools are equipped with a Bill Of Materials (BOM) and auto-labeling

» Explore our Piping Software

The Structural Software / Module is both customizable and easy to learn. Design and detail beam connections and steel shapes. Includes steel stairs, ladders, and more.

Get productive using a full range of steel shapes (AISC, BHP, CISC, DIN, BS, RSA, JIS, IS, …) with weighted auto-BOM.

» Explore our Structural Software

Generate complex rectangular, round, and flat oval ducting layouts with surprising ease.

This software tool adds insulation as required and the bend design is fully customizable. Auto-Label and Bill of Materials are some of the other options available to you.

» Explore our Ducting Software

Using an intuitive user interface you can choose from a wide assortment of mechanical symbols, an extensive range of fasteners, bearings & housings, gears, material handling equipment, springs, shafts utility, Bill of Materials included.

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AViCAD piping software screenshot
Mech-Q 3D model of pipe, tank and frame
CAD piping design example inside Mech-Q
3D modeling examples are drawn with Mech-Q

Mech-Q Piping is fantastic

When I draw a Flange, for example, it gives me the
exact dimension of the part based on
what criteria I enter. When doing this by
hand drafting is no comparison to what
I can achieve. Mech-Q Piping is fantastic,

More about our engineering software

AViCAD is very AutoCAD-like and creates DWG’s natively. It includes a wide range of tools including Mech-Q engineering software and more.
Mech-Q includes 4 modules: Piping, Ducting, Structural and Mechanical. It supports both 2D and 3D plus it automatically generates BOM.
Unfolding / sheet metal software that creates 2D drawing templates from 3D Shapes.

CAD Engineering News

Great piece of software!

Your support is the best. It gives me
the confidence to use my CAD! Great piece
of software!
Dan McNeill

Really speeds up the work

I am using Mech-Q for ducting and
pipework all day and every day now.
find them to be most useful, and really
speed up the work
Gary Hull