Add BOM Data Like a Pro With Mech-Q

The MechQ modules library covers a large range of Mechanical, Piping, Structural an Plumbing routines.

3D Ductwork Software Demo

Learn how to use our 3D Ducting HVAC Software - 3D Ductwork Software Demo Shows

Upgrading MechQ

When you purchase a new Mech-Q software product, the purchase price includes FREE lifetime technical

How to create a backup in Mech-Q – even CAD – in just seconds

Today in our video we discuss how to backup both your CAD and Mech-Q settings

What’s Mech-Q – Video

Click to play, use < or > to rewind/ forward or spacebar to pause Check

Structural Steel Stair Demo

A quick look at the stair utility in our structural engineering package. Note: To enlarge

How to Register MechQ?

How do I get my unlocking code? Registering Mech-Q is easy. You will need to

New 3D Piping Demo

The Piping module is an easy to use Isometric, 2D & 3D piping package. Find

Windows 7 / Vista Compatibility Settings

MechQ is fully compatible with the latest Windows operating systems including the new Windows7 and

Can I edit and still retain BOM data?

A common question is how to edit the drawings created by Mech-Q and retain the