Getting started with Mech-Q is easier than you think.

In a new video section on CADavenue, which we call the Basic Series, we’re exploring how to use Mech-Q’s menus and toolbars.

In it, we’ll explore our four main engineering modules, then we’ll introduce you to all the extras we include in our full engineering suite.

In the Basic video series, we’ll show you how to get started using Mech-Q. You’ll learn to create Piping, Ducting, and Structural fittings on the fly.

So if your needing to jump start learning Mech-Q check out our free tutorials and get going today.

Most all the videos take you from the very beginning, so those new to CAD can also easily follow along.

New to CAD?

We also have added a new 35-minute crash course on CAD for those just getting into learning the ropes or for those of you who just want to spruce up your drawing skills.

Let us know what you think, and send us any questions you have on Mech-Q OR…

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We are celebrating a new Mech-Q release - now fully compatible with the latest AutoCAD 2025 and LT 2024/25 versions