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AViCAD is a complete 2D & 3D CAD solution. It includes award-winning Mech-Q software (above), 2D and 3D architectural tools, advanced publishing tools, and more to get the job done quickly.

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Mech-Q is a complete Engineering CAD add-on that runs inside AutoCAD®, IntelliCAD and Bricscad. The Full Suite contains Mechanical, Piping, Ducting & Structural. Modules are also available separately.

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Plate ‘n’ Sheet unfolding software allows you to create flattened 2D templates from 3D Shapes. It supports DXF and is compatible with plasma tables and CNC. It runs by itself, and CAD is not required.

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Whether you are a one-man shop or a medium to large office on a tight budget, we can help. Along with perpetual licensing, we also offer subscriptions for both Mech-Q and AViCAD. Currently, only perpetual licensing is available for Plate ‘n’ Sheet.

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