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A quick look at AViCAD 2024.

If you have an older AViCAD version, you can upgrade to the latest AViCAD for a very affordable price. It also includes Mech-Q Suite, the Plus version and more.

AViCAD 2024
Special Note: We just released AViCAD 2024. For those who purchased or upgraded to AViCAD 2022 after Jan 3rd, 2023, or are currently subscribed, an AViCAD 2024 update will be sent at no extra cost. Get AViCAD 2024 now!.

We have loads of improvements, new commands and features:

  • Fully compatible with AutoCAD® 2024
  • Includes high resolution vectored PDF Printer
  • Improved overall graphic performance
  • Added option to reduced GPU memory with an integrated graphic card
  • New Ribbon Workspaces for beginners, 2D only and more
  • Improved speed in drawings and XREFing
  • Improved Mech-Q tools
  • Better visualization for 3D drawings in Conceptual and Realistic mode
  • Compatible with AutoCAD® 2024 and earlier file versions.
  • Reads and writes standard DWF 2D/3D files faster than ever before.
  • Supports the latest Windows 10/11 release and earlier Windows versions.
  • View Cube
  • Linking (Excel)
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2022 support
  • LAYMRG – Merge Layers
  • Tool Palette improvements
  • Improved Explode (Blocks)
  • Improved APPLOAD command
  • Improved in place blocks (nested entities)
  • AIDIMSTYLE (create dimstyles from existing)
  • Cones and cylinders (better height control)
  • STEP/IGES Import (added more options **Plus Version)