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A quick look at AViCAD 2025.

If you have an older version of AViCAD, you can upgrade to the latest version at a very affordable price. This includes Mech-Q Suite, the Plus version, and more.

Special Note: We just released a new version of AViCAD. For those who purchased or upgraded to AViCAD 2024 after Mar 1st, 2024, or are currently subscribed, we will send an AViCAD upgade link at no extra cost. Get AViCAD 2025 now!.

We have loads of improvements, new commands and features:

  • Compatible with AutoCAD® 2025 and earlier file versions.
  • Improved overall graphic performance
  • Improved speed in drawings and XREFing
  • Improved Mech-Q tools
  • Updated Ribbon Workspaces with added tools
  • Supports the latest Windows 11 release and earlier Windows versions.
  • Super quick installation (5-10 minutes)
  • Better visualization for 3D drawings in Conceptual and Realistic mode
  • Reads and writes standard DWF 2D/3D files faster than ever before.
  • View Cube
  • Data Linking (Excel) improvements
  • XLS Import / Export
  • Improved TABLE cells
  • Autodesk® Revit® support (up to v 2024)
  • Drag .dwg files from Explorer to a tool palette
  • Advanced Blocks (aka Dynamic Blocks) with parametric capabilities
  • Transparent conversion of Dynamic Blocks to Advanced Blocks
  • Block editor for creating and editing Advanced Blocks using parameters, actions, and visibility states
  • New 3D AEC Architectural module for drawing 3D architectural elements with a two-dimensional view
  • New 3D AEC Architectural module compatible with AutoCAD AEC Objects
  • Draw walls, doors, curtain walls, windows, stairs, and railings with the new AEC package
  • Multi-level manager to assign levels to AEC entities
  • AEC Styles manager to manage and customize AEC Styles for various architectural elements
  • Rubber sheeting for nonuniform adjustment of topography data sets
  • IFC Export to create IFC files from DWG with new experimental commands
  • New printers are in PDF via DWG to PDF.PC3 with additional options and features
  • New Express commands for block base point modification and point coordinate insertion
  • New commands to display or hide frames of images and wipeouts and to reset block references to default values.
  • New 3D command PROJECTGEOMETRY for creating projections of lines and curves
  • New Express commands QBREAK and EBREAK for quick trimming of entities
  • Rubber sheeting for image editing and alignment of different data sets
  • Create IFC files with .rvt, .ifc underlays, and AEC Objects
  • New printers are in PDF via DWG to PDF.PC3 with more options and features
  • New Express command CHBLOCKBASEPOINT for changing block insertion points
  • New Express command INSERTPOINTSVALUES for writing coordinate values near selected point entities
  • New command TFRAMES for displaying or hiding frames of images and wipeouts
  • New command RESETBLOCK for resetting Advanced or Dynamic block references to default values
  • New 3D command PROJECTGEOMETRY for creating projections of lines and curves
  • Includes high resolution vectored PDF Printer
  • And more …