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Mech-Q supports these CAD applications.

If you are a CAD user in the engineering profession, we’ve got just the add-on you need – and it’s called Mech-Q. And even if you are running a AutoCAD alternative we’ve got you covered.

Just like IntelliCAD and other applications offer inexpensive alternatives to AutoCAD, Mech-Q also offers the most affordable engineering add ons alternatives available today.

We are proud to announce Mech-Q runs in these applications:
Mech-Q compatibility
Don’t have CAD?

No problem. If you don’t have CAD we also can set you up with both CAD and Mech-Q at an unbelievable price – for more please check out AViCAD.

More about Mech-Q

Mech-Q also includes four modules, they are : Piping, Ducting, Structural and Mechanical. You can purchase them as a entire Suite or buy them as individual modules.

We’ve been a 3rd party CAD developer since 1992.  Mech-Q  is now used by more than 25,000 engineering and drafting professionals in over 57 countries, worldwide.

Mech-Q is also designed to draw the way you draw. It does so using a simple dialog interface and pulldown menus.

Please note: The Mech-Q add-on is available as a Lifetime license. Free upgrades are provided for 1 year and maintenance extensions are available. Currently Mech-Q monthly subscriptions are only available for AutoCAD and LT.

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