Mech-Q Basics

Free Videos To Help You Get Started With 2D & 3D Piping

Isometric Piping (Part 1)

How to create a Iso Piping Schematic and BOM schedule. 

3D Piping Basics (Part 2)

How to extract a 2D drawing from your 3D model plus more

Isometric Piping (Part 2)

How to dimension and annotate in ISO view

Piping Basics (Part 3)

How to dimension, annotate and bubble our 2D and 3D drawing 

3D Piping Basics (Part 1)

A short pipe drawing exercise in using Mech-Q 3D Piping

Piping Basics (Part 4)

How to create a 2D pipe drawing using Mech-Q. 

More discussion about paperspace, model space and DIMSCALE

We also have structural and ducting videos available as well. 

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