Learn how to draw mechanical schematics!

mechq-3dadWe have recently added an online walkthough tutorial which demonstrates how easy it is to create a mechanical drawing with Mech-Q.

Effortlessly draw simple or complex mechanical schematics. Just pick points to generate your drawing and select blocks from a easy to use menu. Everything is draw automatically!

We have created a couple tutorials that take you step by step on how to use Mech-Q. Alternatively you can also download the tutorial online.

Choose a demo below (a new window will open – Flash is required)

Piping Demo and
Ducting Demo

Missing toolbar or pulldown

mechq-toolbarIf your don’t see a floating toolbar or pulldown after installation, read the checklist below.

Mech-Q requires that a path be set within AutoCAD for toolbars to load properly. Missing toolbars usually don’t get auto-installed because the installer doesn’t have permission to change this setting.

If you have Vista or Windows 7, one of the first things you will want to check is check your permissions.

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Installing Mech-Q

Here’s how to install Mech-Q Utilities after you download it:

1.) Begin by saving your work and exiting AutoCAD
2.) Verify you are the administrator of your system. If not see your IT manager.
3.) Are your running Vista or Windows 7? (see below)
4.) Click “Start” then select “Run” then click the “Browse” tab to locate the Mech-Q demo
5.) Can’t find it? Click start button again, choose search, then type MQ*.EXE in the box
6.) Found it great! Next dbl click and follow the screen prompts.
7.) Start AutoCAD in the normal fashion. You will see Mech-Q menu and floating toolbars.
8.) Don’t see any menus or toolbars? See troubleshooting.
9.) Under Mech-Q, Maintenance pulldown set your preferred layers, font file & style, text size.
10.) Read through the Mech-Q User Manual & Tutorials. (PDF – requires Abobe’s Acrobat Reader.)

Can’t locate the help files? Download the most recent MECH-Q Manual and more..

Running Vista or Windows 7?


If you have Vista or Windows 7, one of the first things you will want to check is check your administrator permissions.