updating & upgrading MechQ When you purchase a new Mech-Q software product, the purchase price includes FREE lifetime technical support as well as free Mech-Q upgrades for one year from date of purchase.

The one year free upgrade period includes upgrades from one Mech-Q AutoCAD or IntelliCAD version to another, however it excludes upgrades from one Mech-Q AutoCAD LT version to another (Eg: Mech-Q for AutoCAD LT 2015 to Mech-Q for AutoCAD LT 2016).

Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract

In addition to the free upgrade one year period, we also offer a Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract which may be purchased for extended periods of 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

The contract DOES include:

Upgrades from one Mech-Q product version to a newer product version (Eg: Mech-Q v3.36 to Mech-Q v3.40)
Upgrades from one Mech-Q CAD version to a newer Mech-Q CAD version (Eg: Mech-Q for AutoCAD 2016 to Mech-Q for AutoCAD 2017)