register-mechqHow do I get my unlocking code? Registering Mech-Q is easy.

You will need to first download the mechanical software after your payment is processed (if you have already installed a trial of MechQ you can skip re-downloading the software). When you see the startup dialog, a serial number will appear. Use our on-line authorization code application to send the serial code to us.

We will then process the serials and send you a key back. The key will be a series of letters and numbers. When the email arrives, just copy and paste the key back into the registration box.

Steps to registering MechQ

  • Download the Mech-Q software.
  • Install software.
  • Make note of Serial Number (see Mech-Q start up dialogue)
  • Open up readme.txt with download and review quick instructions
  • Use the Mech-Q On-Line Authorization Code Application to register your software
  • Once registered please allow 24 hours to receive the keys to unlock the software.

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