pick style for MechQA common question is how to edit the drawings created by Mech-Q and retain the BOM data created by the program.

Most Mech-Q objects are not blocks but “Anonymous Groups” – so they will never need to be “exploded” …. doing so it will result in loosing the group integrity.

To EDIT MechQ drawing objects please do the following ….

Before editing Turn Groups ON/Off by changing the AutoCAD variable PICKSTYLE

PICKSTYLE = 0 (OFF) – Object are Ungrouped
PICKSTYLE = 1 (ON) – Object are RE-Grouped

When you turn Groups OFF (PICKSTYLE = 0) you can edit the Mech-Q Piping groups as you wish. – TRIM/Erase/Change color etc…

After editing we recommend that you turn Groups ON (PICKSTYLE = 1) . Leaving Groups OFF (PICKSTYLE = 0) may result in Mech-Q BOM errors.

If you follow the above – No BOM data will be lost

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