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Ducting Software – With BOM

Our Ducting Software is a comprehensive collection of utilities for drawing 2-D & 3-D HVAC Ducting. Duct shape options include rectangular, round and flat oval. Software Features include: auto-BOM, auto-labeling, flat sheet development….

HVAC Duct fittings included: Duct bends, transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct, grills, build-in & customer defined symbols and many accessories…

Ducting Software Draws These Shapes:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Flat oval ducting

Our module lets you generate complex HVAC ducting layouts with surprising ease. This ducting software adds insulation as required and bend design is fully customizable.

 Getting started with Mech-Q

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HVAC Software Main Features:

  • Rectangular, Round & Flat Oval Duct. w/ or w/o insulation
  • The Ducts can drawn with Flanges and Collars.
  • Build-in and customizable symbols, duct labels, elevation
  • Fully customizable and several configurations can be saved.
  • Duct data listing for easy identification of parts
  • Duct, bends & tees – Cut sheet development.
  • Full Layers Control
  • Duct identification labels & Elevation labels
  • Available with 2-D & 3-D (solid) capabilities.
  • Auto-BOM with sheet material take-off.
  • Duct Equivalent Size calculator
  • Metric and English units supported
  • Vast range of ducting shapes:
    • Duct Transforms & Transitions
    • Duct Tees & Wyes
    • Duct Branches
    • Duct Diffusers
    • Duct Offsets

Ducting Software also includes a large range of ducting accessories including:

  • Flexible duct
  • Conical fittings
  • Terminal units
  • Heating units
  • Registers
  • Return air grills many more…
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