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Mech-Q Network Option

mech-q-netowrk-moduleIf you have more that one computer or a large office – our network license option might be what you are looking for. The network module allows either the Full Engineering Suite or individual modules such as our Mechanical, Piping, Ducting & Structural programs to be shared within a network.

As low as $599 + # of licenses

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The Mech-Q Network Activation Module is required to allow Mech-Q to be shared in a network environment.

Mech-Q Network module can be paired with all Mech-Q modules and packages in Full AutoCAD.

One (1) Mech-Q Network Activation Module is required for a each Mech-Q network site.


  1. AutoCAD Full version or other AutoCAD verticals such as Mechanical or Electrical.
    Sorry we don’t offer a network module for IntelliCAD versions.
  2. One or more workstations with either Mech-Q Full Suite or a Mech-Q module installed. Each station must contain the same Mech-Q configuration.

** NOTE: The Mech-Q Network Activation Module limits the number of simultaneous Mech-Q users to be equal to the number of Mech-Q licenses purchased.

For example, if 3 Mech-Q Full Suites are purchased along with a Network Module, then 3 users can use Mech-Q at one given time, thus preventing a 4th user to use Mech-Q. As soon as 1 user closes his Mech-Q session, the module will allows the 4th user to enter.

Network Licensing Discounts

If you have multiple or Network licensing, please contact us for a quote.

For multiple license holders the following discounts are available:

  • 2-4 licenses: 10% discount
  • 5-9 licenses: 15% discount
  • 10+ licenses: 20% discount

The module also includes free remote installation if needed. Contact us for additional information or ask for a quote.

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