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Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract (SMC)

FREE Upgrades For 6 Months

Mech-Q Service MaintenanceFor a limited time, when you purchase a new Mech-Q software product, the purchase price includes FREE lifetime technical support as well as free Mech-Q upgrades for 6 months from date of purchase.

The Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract (also called the SMC) allows you to upgrade at anytime during the first 6 months after you purchase a license.

The Benefits of the SMC

  • Unlimited Mech-Q updates to new releases
  • Expedited Priority Phone & Email Support
  • Easily switch to another Mech-Q CAD version (fees may apply for LT see below)

The Fine Print

If you have AutoCAD (Full) or IntelliCAD the free upgrade period allows you to upgrade freely without restriction for 6 months. After the SMC expires, we encourage you to continue with the subscription, otherwise normal upgrade fees will apply.

If you have AutoCAD LT and switch CAD versions after 60 days of purchase date, a small upgrade fee will apply. The cost of this upgrade will be $50 x the number of AutoCAD years you step up to. For example if upgrading from LT 2011-2013 it will (2013-2011 = 2 steps), thereby multiplying $50 by 2 years, or $100.

In addition to the 6 months of free upgrades, we also offer a Mech-Q Extended Service & Maintenance Contract which may be purchased for extended periods of 24 months, 36 months or 48 months.

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