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EasyPay is REAL easy.

Our 2 minute video below explains why:

Introducing the most easiest and most affordable way to purchase our products. What is Easy Pay? EasyPay is a pay as you go plan with a low monthly subscription.

In a few minutes you'll be on your way. No credit forms to fill out. It's that easy.

Free 15 day trial then just $49 per month

Try it free for 15 days

After you’ve subscribe to Easy Pay, you'll have 15 days to try it out. We won't charge you a thing during this period. Immediately after signup we will deliver a download so you can start using our full version right away.

8 irresistible reasons to choose EasyPay:

1 - There is no setup fee.

2 - You can choose either Mech-Q or AViCAD Pro for EasyPay!

3 - Multiple subscriptions can also be purchased separately (1  per transaction)

4 - Free technical support anytime

5 - Free upgrades whenever you need it as long as your subscription is active.

6 - You also have the option to redeem your payments (up to 6 of them) and buy our software anytime. **

7 - We do the work and bill you automatically  - we send a receipt each time.

8 - EasyPay is super easy - it only takes only a few minutes to get started and there are no credit checks or applications to fill out.

** payment credits will be applied to the list price, cannot be combined with promotional pricing.

After your 15 day trail a payment will be processed. Registration keys are sent 7 days after trial period ends.  You also have the option to redeem your payments (up to 6 of them) and buy our software anytime.

There's no setup fee - signup in 60 seconds. Immediate software delivery.

Get started for free

Just click on the button below to activate your subscription using a credit or debit card. Paypal is also accepted. If you have questions call the store at 1-888-271-7121 8-5 M-F PST , or you can use our 24/7 helpdesk

AViCAD EasyPay
AVICAD is our complete 2D/3D CAD w/ Mech-Q. It is also loaded with other utilities not found in other competing softwares.
Mech-Q EasyPay
Mech-Q is our engineering add-on for CAD. A perfect solution for those with AutoCAD or LT already installed.

Note: By clicking you are signing up for a free trial. After 15 days you will be billed $49 - then $49 every 30 days thereafter. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel you are only responsible for charges already incurred until cancellation and you won’t be billed again.

What’s you best solution?

Mech-Q and other CAD Software

Ask our online product wizard to suggest the best software solution for you.

Discover how Mech-Q, AViCAD and Plate 'n' Sheet can instantly turn you into a productivity machine! Give us a shout today at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk anytime.

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