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Now Two Engineering Software Solutions

We now offer two primary engineering options at CADavenue. Both software packages allow you to create drawings by using dialogs that guide you through the entire process of creating piping assemblies, mechanical fasteners, structural beam connections and HVAC diagrams.

All of the modules within our engineering package are parametric (menu driven) and use block libraries to draw the selected objects and tabulate the BOM data and create project schedules.

Whether your in the commercial, food & beverage, petrochemical, biotechnology, heavy industry, marine, mining, military, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy generation or any other type of industry that requires easy to use engineering software to get the job done right!

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You can also customize the libraries to fit your needs. Most utilities are equipped for drawing both in 3-D solids or 2-D. In addition you’ll be able to draw objects according to your preferred layer and text style system to match your current system.

The Mech-Q Solution

If you have either AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and aren’t looking for CAD alternative then explore our Mech-Q add-on. Mech-Q is available in modules or as a complete engineering package. Modules can also be purchased separately or added at any time as needed. The software also supports Bricscad, CADian and IntelliCAD.

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The AViCAD “All In One” Solution

If you don’t have CAD or are looking for an affordable CAD alternative we also offer a complete solution called AViCAD. A great option for those who need both a complete CAD platform and engineering apps in one package. You’ll receive our popular CAD platform plus powerful engineering software at one unbeatable price.

So why not try our engineering software for yourself? There is no obligation to buy …. but we think you’ll be impressed!

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What’s you best solution?

Mech-Q and other CAD Software

Ask our online product wizard to suggest the best software solution for you.

Discover how Mech-Q, AViCAD and Plate 'n' Sheet can instantly turn you into a productivity machine! Give us a shout today at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk anytime.

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