AViCAD is an all-in-one CAD application with the ability to create, read, write and edit native AutoCAD DWG and DXF files just like AutoCAD®.

With AViCAD, engineers, architects and designers have a professional yet affordable perpetual-license alternative to rigid high-cost AutoCAD® subscription options.

We are happy to announce a new release for AViCAD.

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AViCAD is a feature-packed 2D and 3D CAD application (which includes our Mech-Q Engineering Suite!) and provides a familiar environment like AutoCAD® but at a unbeatable price.

What licensing options do you offer?

  1. Perpetual – meaning you own the license
  2. Yearly – our most affordable option
  3. Monthly – lowest startup cost

Have an older version of AViCAD? Upgrade today.

Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

  • Yes, if you are currently subscribed to either a Monthly or Yearly plan

If you don’t meet the criteria above, then check out the pricing here or visit our Help Desk to request a quote.

Note: Network license upgrades are welcome and qualify for the same free upgrade as mentioned above.

What’s new in AViCAD ?

AViCAD 2021 was a major release that included many new features and improvements including:

Compatible with latest AutoCAD® DWG + also supports earlier file versions
  • Improved user interface and faster
  • Native support of dwg & dxf files
  • 20,000+ Block Library *
  • 2D/3D Windows, Walls & Doors *
  • Advanced publishing / Export 3D PDF  *
  • New STEP/ IGES and Solidworks import and export (now available in Plus Version)
  • New PDF to DWG – convert vectored PDFs in one click (now available in Plus Version)
  • And more …

*Included in previous AViCAD version – these features will continue to be available in AViCAD Plus,

AViCAD 2021 Features

Plus loads of other improvements, new commands and new features including:

  • New predefined Ribbon workspaces for beginners and those working in 2D only, easily switch to a full ribbon if desired
  • High-Resolution PDF Printer added
  • Improved graphic performance – The option to reduce GPU memory usage, can be helpful with the integrated graphic card. 
  • Improved speed in drawings containing cropped Xrefs and large Xrefs.
  • Better visualization for 3D drawings in Conceptual and Realistic mode.
  • Cleaner edges with ISOLINES.
  • Greater working speed and management of drawings with active shading.
  • Improved print preview speed allows for faster preview creation and immediate zoom times
  • New 2D library added Wood Lumber, Steel Shapes, Studs and Joist 
  • Option to auto-create .dwf and .pdf from when saving a drawing
  • New properties added to better manipulate regularly shaped polylines
  • Now you can paste and rotate blocks at the same time
  • Improved MTEXT with new functions for formatting and annotative support
  • New Clean Screen mode allows you to work without menu clutter
  • Now cycle through overlapping objects with ease with selection cycling
  • Import/Export block attribute values from/to an external CSV file in the tab-delimited ASCII format.
  • VPLAYER sets layer visibility plus assigns a set of unique display properties for each layout Viewport. 
  • Quick Properties palette offers smart selection based on selected object – appears near cursor
  • Easily Import / Export AViCAD 2020/21 Toolpalettes
  • AddBlocks allows you to bulk import your blocks in the Toolpalette.  
  • Create multi-page PDFs when printing different views 
  • UNDO Step undoes commands selecting from a list showing all the commands executed.
  • Now easily converts eligible 3D objects to either Solids, Mesh or Surfaces with a single click 
  • The new THICKEN command will convert a surface into a 3D solid with a specified thickness.
  • New Convert to Mesh and Convert to Surface commands
  • Import PCD Point Cloud Data (both Binary & ASCII)
  • Advance data extraction allows you to export block attributes and drawing properties and create a detailed schedule, a parts list, or a bill of materials to a table inside a drawing or into an external file.
  • Control the size and shape of any created section/elevation and dynamically update an existing section/elevation when the objects included in the section/elevation are modified.
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Download and try AViCAD now for free (Mech-Q and other drafting tools are also included!)

Have an older version of AViCAD? Upgrade today.

CADavenue is based in the USA and has been supporting AViCAD users in the US, Canada and worldwide for more than 7 years. For questions about AViCAD please contact us for more at 888-271-7121 or visit our help desk today.