We’ve released an update for Mech-Q! This update applies to the entire program.

If you are using AutoCAD, AViCAD even IntelliCAD – same updates will apply.

If you are on a maintenance plan or have recently purchased, please contact us for more. If you are new to Mech-Q – take a tour below at bottom of this page.

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What’s new in Mech-Q?

  • Ducting Module: Major Upgrade
  • Round & Flat-Oval – 16 New Shapes added
  • Auto-Add Cushion Heads to Diffusers
  • 3D Dampers added
  • Upgrade to Ducting Layers – allow color override according to layer prefix (Eg: Supply-Air, Fresh-Air…)
  • Ducting BOM improved
  • Ducting interface function – improved
  • Speed improvements
  • Piping Module Data “List” function – significant speed upgrade
  • Improved loading speed
  • Added Treaded: #300 psi
  • Several minor improvements
  • Added new Piping 3D tools
  • Structural Handrailing: update Kick-Plate design
  • 3D Fasteners improved
  • OSMODE and Ortho setting retained drawing to drawing. Removed point entity at origin.
  • Ducting 2D tees – fixed
  • BOM to file not working – fixed
  • Wyes & Cross not working – fixed
  • Vessels not working in AviCAD – Fixed
  • Weldolets (2D) not working – Fixed
  • Single-Line pipe not drawing – fixed
  • 3D stairs not working – Fixed.
  • RHS – with base not working – Fixed

More videos ahead:

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Mech-Q update

HVAC Software Update for Mech-Q


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