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Mech-Q Mechanical Module

The Mech-Q HVAC Ducting module makes ducting easy. Create 2D & 3D rectangular, round and flat oval ducting. Includes many duct transitions + BOM.

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Save when you buy the Full Suite. Note: If you have LT® you need to purchase Mech-Q for LT (w/ LISP engine).

Fasteners Module

  • Bolts and Screws, Hexagon Head Bolts, Socket head, Flat head, Button head, C’Sunk Pan Head, Raised Head Washer Bolts, Shoulder Cap Screws and Studs. Metric & English sizes
  • Nuts Regular Hex. Class 9, Thin, Washer and Lock nuts. Metric & English sizes
  • Flat Washers
  • Spring Washers
  • Set screws Cone, Half Dog, Flat and Cup Point. Metric & English sizes
  • Dowel & Roll Pins
  • Bolt Holes to correspond to Bolts and Screws
  • Slotted Holes
  • Drilled Holes
  • and more…

Bearings & Bearing Housings

  • Also available separately as Module: MBR01 This includes: Deep Groove Ball, Cylindrical, Self Aligning, Spherical Roller, Thrust, Taper Roller & Y Bearings, Plus: Bearing Housings, Plumber Blocks and Flange Housings
  • Auto Shaft Generator Draw: Shafts/Pinions and internal (bore) plus an End view – with all Combinations of shaft steps, chamfers and corner radii.
  • Keys & Key Ways Draws Keys/Key ways – Standard or User Specified.
  • Internal Chamfer Generator Simply pick the drawn bore end points and the chamfer is drawn, trimming lines automatically.
  • External Chamfer Generator By picking the shaft end line the chamfer is drawn – modifying the shaft end entities as required.
  • Spur Gears Metric & English sizes.
  • and more…

Material Handling Module

This module is of special interest to material handling engineers and drafting specialists. This collection of powerful utilities include:

  • Conveyor Rolls & Idlers Utility Various makes, including PROK and PRINCE, (Other makes by request). The utility allows you to draw 3 Roll Troughs, Vee Troughs and Return & Flat Carry Idlers. End, Front and Plan Views for all standard roller diameter, Angles and Belt Width Now also: Suspended Idlers
  • Conveyor Chains Links & Sprockets. This routine is based on the RENOLD Conveyor Chains range. It will draw Sprockets Front view, End View and Chain Links. For all common Chain pitch, Break Load (and Number of Teeth)
  • Transmission Sprockets Plus Sprocket Design Utility . To ISO 606, 0.375-1.50″ pitch. Front and End views: Simplex, Duplex and Triplex Transmission Sprockets – In Steel & Cast Iron Plain/Taper Bore
  • Bulk Material Trajectory profile generator. Calculates and draws Bulk Material trajectory envelope for conveyed material as it travels past header pulley.
  • and more…

For larger office a Mech-Q Network Module is also available.

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