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Featured Drawings From An AViCAD User

We always love when users send us what they are up to and how they are using our Mech-Q and AViCAD products.

Giovanni recently completed his project using AViCAD.

He was using our AViCAD application solely to complete this project. Have a look at his work:

Here’s what Giovanni P from Bitumar wrote us:

AViCAD with Mech-Q has helped me find a simple solution to designing complete drawings in piping with structure and equipment.

I was using Autodesk product like Plant 3D etc. and with AViCAD learning curve was one day. If you are comfortable in an version of AutoCAD then you can easily adapt to AViCAD

I also work with other American companies who supply me drawings to design etc. I use both avicad and other Autodesk platforms like Recap, Navis Works and even Plant 3D and can comfortably add those DWG’s as XREF’s and then continue design inside AViCAD.

Also in AViCAD I can open Plant 3D and AutoCAD 2018 native DWG files. So its completely transparent and you’ll forget you are inside AViCAD sometimes.

Thanks Giovanni for your comments! Perhaps you have a story to share about how you are using Mech-Q? If so let us know.

Our Mech-Q add-on us also available for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD. For those without CAD we offer AViCAD – the one that Giovani used above, which is a complete AutoCAD®-Like product with Mech-Q included.

Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime plans for Mech-Q are available!

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