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Video overview of our Engineering Software

Today we wanted to give you a quick overview of whats inside Mech-Q.

(Below is the text version of the youtube movie for additional reference)

What is Mech-Q?

If your not familiar with Mech-Q let us give you a quick rundown on what it is:

First it’s engineering software that runs directly inside either AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and IntelliCAD.

Mech-Q also runs in other CAD apps like IntelliCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD. Also we’ve include both Metric & English units.

Don’t have CAD? We also offer AViCAD which includes the same Mech-Q tools and Full 2D/3D CAD at a price you will not believe.

A Bill of materials are also included with most functions.

And in most utilities you’ll find in Mech-Q work in either 2D or 3D.

Advantages of Mech-Q

What makes our software stand above others? – it is the fact that Mech-Q requires little investment and is very easy to learn. It’s a great tool packed with all sorts of drawing utilities that allow you to get the job done quickly.

Why choose our engineering software

At first glance you might feel be a little overwhelmed by size of Mech-Q… but once you try it we think you will feel right at home.

You’ll notice after installing Mech-Q that you have a couple of pull-downs in the Menubar, in addition floating toolbars can also be activated.

The Engineering Modules

Let’s discuss our four primary modules that you’ll find inside Mech-Q. We call them modules because Mech-Q can be purchased individually or as an entire engineering suite.

First, there’s our Mechanical module. Here you’ll be able to create gears, springs and more. Within our material handling drop-down you’ll even find more tools like our conveyor utility.

Also our nuts and bolts utility found within the fastener pull-down allow you to draw in both 2D and 3D.

After using the program for a little you’ll begin to notice that all of the menus in Mech-Q are laid out in very similar way. Mech-Q will typically ask you for a size, a view and other options.

As these options are selected, the program will remember where you left off each time.

Our Piping Software is one of our largest modules you’ll find within Mech-Q. Its got 2D, ISO … 3D each accessible within the dialogs and menus.

Within the Piping Software you’ll be able to create an unlimited amount pipe fittings, flanges and valves.

You can also select many different types of piping using simple dialog controls.

For example, we can insert a series of fittings very quickly …. piping insert quickly and automatically. And Mech-Q prompts us for more fittings each time until we exit.

Isometric Piping is also included .. this will allowing you to generate diagrams and pipe spool drawings.
Also we have a P&ID module that contains a complete library of mechanical symbols to be used in Pipe and Instrumentation Diagrams.

The Pipe Schematic utility can create either simple or complex pipe layouts.

You’ll also find a 2-D & 3-D ducting module within Mech-Q. Our Ducting Software allows you to draw Transitions, Wyes and Tees, Branches, Diffusers, Offsets and more.

You can also choose Ducting shapes like Rectangular, Round and Flat.

Last but not least is our Structural Software module. It draws structural steel member including steel shapes and columns. Also it features a powerful set of utilities for beam-connections, stairs, ladders, bracing, hand railing, welding symbols and much much more.

Outlook for Mech-Q

Since 1992 our goal has been very simple – to help engineering firms draw
more productively. And Today more than 25,000 engineers and drafting professionals use Mech-Q.

If you need a quick start to using Mech-Q be sure to head to our download section for a complete PDF manual. Additional videos and tutorials are available so be sure to ask us.

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