Standard Version and Plus Version

Here is a comparison of the two. As of the date of this post pricing is to be determined. The Plus version though will be roughly $100 more than the standard.

The Standard version will include Mech-Q and 2D/3D .

Here is what you get on addition to this with AViCAD Plus :

  • PDF to DWG converter
  • IGES / Step converter
  • Solidworks importer
  • EasyArch 2D/3D architectural tools
  • iCADLib block manager and 20k+ symbols
  • 3D PDF export tool

A sneak peek inside AViCAD

Here is a 4 minute video to explain some of the features you will find inside AViCAD

Explore all the new features you’ll find inside AViCAD

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(Mech-Q and other drafting tools are also included!)