Windows-7 MechQ Settings

MechQ is fully compatible with the latest Windows operating systems including the new Windows7 and Vista.

When installing MechQ in Windows 7 or Vista you are required to install Mech-Q as the administrator, even if you are the administrator.

If you have Vista or Windows 7, one of the first things you will want to check is check your permissions.
Follow these steps if you have Vista or Windows 7:

1. after the installing Mech-Q, right click on “AutoCAD 20##” desktop icon shortcut (## = AutoCAD version)
2. select properties
3. click “compatibility”
4. tick “Run this program as administrator” under “Privilege Level”.
5. click ok.

Then re-start AutoCAD by double-clicking the desktop icon. Mech-Q should now work without problem.

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