Mech-Q Update Version 4

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We’ve also released new improvements for Mech-Q.

Here are just a few things you will find in the new version 4.

  • Mech-Q now compatible with AutoCAD 2019 and 2020 plus older versions too
  • Our AViCAD Standalone (which includes Mech-Q) is also compatible with 2018
  • Piping 3D – Major upgrade, speed improved 40-50%
  • Ducting 3D – Major upgrade, speed improved 40-60%

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We’ve also released new improvements for AViCAD.

Here are just a few things you will find in the new version.

You can now create your leaders in AViCAD with a variety of arrows, segments and content, including text and blocks with attributes. Unlike AViCAD’s previous leader objects, MLEADER is a single object which is easy to adjust, also with GRIPS.

  • AViCAD now supports the DWG 2018 format
  • Added Multileader as the new annotative object
  • Added zero margins printing. Available through the Printer Configuration Manager > Modify standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area)
  • Implemented Object properties evaluation. Lists of the properties of a selected object available as fields.
  • Fixed the visualization issue occurred when dragging objects in editing commands (e.g. Move, Copy).
  • Fixed the lagging issue occurred with editing commands on large drawings (e.g. DELETE, TRIM).
  • Improved performance when copying a large number of objects.
  • Improved performance using blocks in REFEDIT/REFCLOSE.
  • Fixed some crashes and drawing exception errors occurred on opening
  • Improved performance using drawings with Xrefs

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New video walking you through the 2D Piping part of Mech-Q

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