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We’ve also released new improvements for Mech-Q.

Here are just a few things you will find in the new version 4.

  • Mech-Q now compatible with AutoCAD 2021 and 2022 plus older versions too
  • Our AViCAD Standalone (which includes Mech-Q) is also compatible with 2022
  • Piping 3D – Major upgrade, speed improved 40-50%
  • Ducting 3D – Major upgrade, speed improved 40-60%

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Mech-Q is an engineering add-on for AutoCAD and Briscad. IntelliCAD also supported along with our complete CAD standalone with Mech-Q we call AViCAD.

Our latest release Mech-Q version is 4


  • Data “List” function – significant speed upgrade
  • Improved loading speed
  • Added Threaded: #300 psi
  • Several minor improvements
  • Added new Piping 3D tools


  • Round & Flat-Oval – 16 New Shapes added
  • Auto-Add Cushion Heads to Diffusers
  • 3D Dampers added
  • Upgrade to Ducting Layers
  • Allow color override according to layer prefix
  • Ducting BOM improved
  • Ducting interface function – improved
  • Speed improvements

Other stuff we improved:

  • Structural Hand railing: update Kick-Plate design
  • 3D Fasteners improved
  • OSMODE and Ortho setting retained drawing to drawing. Removed point entity at origin
  • Several bugs and problems fixed – all modules


We’ve also released new improvements for AViCAD.

Here are just a few things you will find in the new version.

You can now create your leaders in AViCAD with a variety of arrows, segments and content, including text and blocks with attributes. Unlike AViCAD’s previous leader objects, MLEADER is a single object which is easy to adjust, also with GRIPS.

  • AViCAD now supports the DWG 2022 format
  • Added Multileader as the new annotative object
  • Added zero margins printing. Available through the Printer Configuration Manager > Modify standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area)
  • Implemented Object properties evaluation. Lists of the properties of a selected object available as fields.
  • Fixed the visualization issue occurred when dragging objects in editing commands (e.g. Move, Copy).
  • Fixed the lagging issue occurred with editing commands on large drawings (e.g. DELETE, TRIM).
  • Improved performance when copying a large number of objects.
  • Improved performance using blocks in REFEDIT/REFCLOSE.
  • Fixed some crashes and drawing exception errors occurred on opening
  • Improved performance using drawings with Xrefs

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Our latest release AViCAD version is 2021
AViCAD is a CAD alternative with everything you need built-in. It’s a complete CAD standalone with Mech-Q and hundreds of other tools.

    • Added zero margins prints
    • Implemented Object properties evaluation, now it’s possible to create FIELDs compatible with AutoCAD and evaluate properties
    • Fixed Display grips of clipped block references with XCLIPFRAME variable off
    • Fixed preview during drag of XREF
    • Fixed Block wrong move after REFEDIT
    • Fixed DIST command issue with rotated UCS
    • Implemented hatch stretch and grip edit for hatches created selecting entities
    • Fixed display of XREF after a cancel of REFEDIT command
    • Fixed QSELECT dialog in some drawings
    • Fixed TRIM with SHIFT and EXTEND with ENTER
    • Fixed freeze selecting polylines and hatches, new method to calculate area of a polyline
    • Fixed crash trimming HATCH
    • Removed “Reset” button in customize dialog
    • Fixed display of entities on locked layers
    • Fixed select of ESNAP from SHIFT+RCLICK menu using keyboard shortcut
    • Fixed selection of items in option list of dynamic input
    • Fixed REFEDIT > DISCARD some blocks are deleted
    • Fixed Text entering is under images
    • Fixed join of collinear segments
    • Fixed insert of XREF without path
    • Fixed undo of changes to 3D solid properties from palette
    • Fixed dimstyle and textstyle combo in toolbar and in property palette
    • Fixed crash while closing with multiple drawing
    • Fixed error when breaking walls on EasyArch
    • Fixed DIMLINEAR – “Invalid input” when trying to insert Mtext/Text after DIMLINEAR->Horizontal and DIMLINEAR->Vertical by passing the correct state parameters
    • Fixed exception using dynamic block grips and fixed restore of ORTHOMODE using grips
    • Fixed exception in REFCLOSE command makes impossible to continue to work
    • Fixed lag and slowdown creating objects, with selection window and other operations when some other process uses CPU heavily ( > 90%)
    • Restored FILEDIALOGS variable to control choose file dialog with every file extension
    • Fixed exception with REFEDIT on block containing dynamic block
    • Fixed import button in SCALELISTEDIT dialog called from status bar
    • Fixed autocomplete dialog layout
    • Fixed drag of blocks with dragdetail > 0
    • Fixed drag of objects during MOVE,COPY, SCALE, etc … with great coordinates
    • Fixed evaluation of field “ObjectName”
    • Fixed crash opening drawing with fields
    • Fixed height of toolbar using “classic” UI on 4k monitors
    • Fixed size of icons in layer palette with 4k display
    • Fixed size of layer Icons with 4k monitor
    • Fixed locked layer selection in commands (MOVE, COPY, etc) after changes to TRIM on block
    • Fixed FILLET between XLINE
    • Fixed crash at close time
    • Fixed selection of clipped viewport with its polyline
    • Fixed selection of viewport in layout
    • Disabled QLEader attachment options when “Underlay” is checked
    • Fixed trim of circle or arc with rectangle as boundary
    • Fixed TRIM and EXTEND with blocks selecting with window
    • Fixed area of hatches with simple island
    • Fixed Czech capital letters in command line
    • Fixed lag after edit commands (eg: DELETE, TRIM)
    • Avoid crash when superhatch cannot detect intersections in boundary detection
    • Removed XREF dependent layer from DIMLAYER combo in dimstyle dialog and in ribbon/toolbar
    • Filtered XREF dependent layer in layer combo in HATCH dialog
    • Removed background white rectangle from print
    • Fixed area in properties and list for polyline and 2dPolyline objects
    • Improved performance of copy large amount of objects
    • Fixed a crash when insert a door/window with no wall (using EasyArch)
    • Fixed selection with PREVIOUS option
    • Fixed selection of source object in MATCHPROP command
    • Fixed HATCH area calculation using region method
    • Fixed performance of DIMSTYLE dialog with many Dimension styles in quite large drawing
    • Implemented selection of entities on locked layer
    • Resized linetype, lineweight and color ribbon combobox
    • Improved performance of REFCLOSE with refedit preview
    • Added symbol menu in context menu for single line text edit
    • Fixed cone radius, height and center z into property palette
    • Hidden some fields from list in “FIELD” dialog
    • Fixed crash opening drawing with clipped XREF
    • Fixed slow selection in drawing with clipped xref
    • Fixed selection of block reference with window selection mode
    • Fixed crash saving modify to a xref using REFEDIT
    • Fixed visualization of faded objects (placed on locked layer, XREF or during refedit), on some drawings such entities disappear
    • Fixed text not aligned in the middle in QLEADER command
    • Fixed MTEXT option that didn’t start the MTEXT command in QLEADER command
    • Added Rename and Delete buttons in WSSETTINGS dialog to rename and delete workspaces
    • Changed default value of “Path options” in “Modify Transmittal Setup” dialog, now by default all files are placed in one folder and not organized in a folder structure


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