10 second AViCAD teaser
10 second AViCAD teaser

We are pleased to announce more recent features added to  AViCAD:

  • Dynamic Input – command line interface at your crosshair
  • Dynamic UCS – auto create temporary XY “draw” plane
  • Cloud Support – save, open and share your Dwg’s
  • Solid Grips – activation of Grips on ACIS solid
  • 3D Ortho which also works on Z axis
  • Annotative Objects – scale objects on the current annotation scale
  • Block, Text, Attributes, Hatch, Tolerance, Dimension
  • Fields – automate the insertion of titleblock text + other annotations
  • ARCTEXT Text on Arcs
  • BREAKLINE Command Create lines and polylines with breaking symbol
  • PDF graphic content exchange output complies with PDF/A standards

Count me in!

New AViCAD 2022 version has released. Read more here