What is SMC?

When you purchase Mech-Q Lifetime you automatically receive 12 months of free upgrades and support (we call this the SMC or Service Maintenance Contract).

After your 12 months of SMC expires, you have the option to either extend it or use the current version of Mech-Q from this time forward. Mech-Q is AutoCAD version specific, so when moving to a new AutoCAD version, a Mech-Q upgrade will be required if not on SMC.

Note: Monthly and Yearly Mech-Q subscriptions include SMC at no extra cost – you can upgrade freely so long as your subscription is active.

What’s included in the SMC?

  • Premium email and phone support. This includes remote assistance if needed.
  • Upgrades from one Mech-Q product version to a newer product version (Eg: Mech-Q v3.36 to Mech-Q v4.0)
  • Upgrading your Mech-Q AutoCAD (Eg: Mech-Q from AutoCAD 2017 to Mech-Q for AutoCAD 2018)

How much will extending the SMC cost?

To renew or extend the agreement, the cost is calculated as a percentage (%) of the normal price of the Mech-Q software product originally purchased. The chart below explains how fees are calculated.

CAD Version 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months
AutoCAD 20% 35% 50%
IntelliCAD 20% 35% 50%


Re-establishing an expired contract

  1. If your Mech-Q SMC has expired and a newer Mech-Q product version has been released since this time – you may be required to upgrade to the latest Mech-Q product version BEFORE you can apply for a Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract
  2. If you hold multiple Mech-Q software licenses, the Mech-Q Service & Maintenance Contract must be purchased for all licenses held.

Extend your existing SMC today

If you have AutoCAD Full and will be purchasing (or have already purchased Mech-Q with the last 90 days), visit our purchase page.

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Note: For AViCAD Maintenance please contact us for pricing and more info.