The MechQ modules library covers a large range of Mechanical, Piping, Structural an Plumbing routines  – each allow you to tabulate your data and create estimates.

To create a BOM, first load the appropriate module. MechQ allows you to create a bill of materials in just a few seconds and counts and itemized each object in your drawing!

How to add objects to BOM

BOM Settings in Main MenuWhen you add Mech-Q objects (for example Piping Fittings) – the BOM option is turned on by default. Each fitting or pipe entered can be itemized in a schedule either during or after the drawing is completed.  When you’re ready to generate a table choose the BOM button on Main Menu then choose Create BOM.

Customizing or add options

Within the Options from the Main Piping Dialog (or other modules Main Menu) – you can BOM Options CFGspecify other settings such as whether or not to add balloons into your drawing. In addition you can choose to create a BOM only within certain sections of your drawing by choosing the Pick option.

Other technical notes:

Editing or toggling on the BOM fields must be done before you start a new drawing.

The Options for BOMWhen you move, delete or copy any Mech-Q objects (for example Piping objects) – make sure that the AutoCAD variable: “PICKSTYLE” is set to 1 (On)… Groups: ON.

The Mech-Q program created Data blocks and then “Group” this with the corresponding Mech-Q object (for example Piping object) – if you have the Pickstyle variable = 0 (Off) then the data block will be left behind also resulting in BOM errors.

BOM descriptions can also be modified via the BOM options menu.
Within the Piping “Material” selection dialog – you can also choose <Add New>  this option will allow you to set the material to anything you wish.

Also make sure that you let the program finish inserting the objects in a normal way – do not use the escape key at any time while MechQ is running otherwise the BOM data will may not be added to the drawing.

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