We’ve just released these new improvements for Mech-Q.

Here are just a few things you will find in the latest version of Mech-Q.

Mech-Q has recently introduced several updates across its modules, enhancing compatibility, functionality, and user experience:

Compatibility Improvements: Mech-Q’s latest release is now fully compatible with a full range of CAD software, including:

  • AutoCAD 2025
  • AutoCAD LT 2024 & 2025
  • Bricscad V24
  • GstarCAD 2024
  • CADian 2024
  • Plus other IntelliCAD versions, including AViCAD **

** Because AViCAD (our AutoCAD alternative) incorporates Mech-Q within its interface, any updates or new features made to Mech-Q are also reflected in AViCAD.

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The Piping Module has been updated with many new features:

Victaulic Couplings: Now, you can specify the direction of the pipe when using Victaulic Couplings. This makes it easier to align and fit pipes accurately.

Piping Labels: Several improvements have been made to the piping labels, making them more versatile and user-friendly. This helps in better identification and documentation of piping components.

Custom Flanges: The updates include several improvements to custom flanges, enhancing their adaptability and usability in various piping designs.

Data Import/Export: The module allows for better data import and export, making it easier to work with various specs, move data between drawings, or perform backups. (See Video Below)

Pumps Options: New options have been added for pumps, providing more flexibility in designing and integrating different pump types in the piping systems.

BOM Editing Tools: The Bill of Materials (BOM) editing tools have been enhanced for greater efficiency. They help you efficiently detail the materials needed for the piping projects.

Auto-Rotation of 2D Labels: This feature automatically aligns labels with the pipe direction, simplifying the labeling process and improving the clarity of your piping diagrams.

Custom Flanges – several improvements

Plus, other recent improvements

YouTube video

New video Mech Q Piping Import Export Basics (our thanks to RealWorldCAD)

The Ducting Module has also been updated and includes these features:

Conical Option for Reducing Tees in 3D: This new option allows for more precise modeling where the ducting size changes.

New BOM Options: Bill of Materials (BOM) options have been expanded, providing more flexibility in tracking and listing materials needed for ducting projects.

Improved Handling of 2D Elbows: Working with 2D elbow components in ducting layouts is now smoother and more intuitive.

Square Type Balloons for Labeling: This addition aids in clearer labeling of ducting components, allowing you to meet drawing standards when needed.

Additional Options for Table/Balloons: More choices are available for organizing and displaying information in tables and balloons for more efficient drawing documentation.

The Structural Module has various improvements and new features:

Upgrades in Handrail Drawing: Enhancements have been made to handrail drawing for stairs, now available in both 2D and 3D formats, offering more flexibility and detail in designing staircases.

Aluminum Stringers and Treads Addition: There’s now the option to use aluminum stringers and treads in designs, broadening the range of materials that can be utilized for staircases.

New Steel Section MC12x14.3: A specific steel section, MC12x14.3, has been added, providing more options for structural steel design.

BOM (Bill of Materials) Functionalities: The structural BOM has been updated with a reset option, and functionalities for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users have been added to allow you to configure BOM options even after a table has been inserted.

New Cope Tool: Adding a new Cope tool aids in precise cutting and fitting of structural elements, streamlining the fabrication process.

Flex Duct – 2 Plane Draw Option: For users working with ducting in structural projects, there’s a new option to draw flexible ducts in 2 planes, improving the drawing process for more complex duct systems.

General Enhancements: Several general updates have been made across Mech-Q, including new and improved menus with a revised ribbon menu for most CAD versions. Mech-Q v4.37 has been designed to be faster and more reliable. It has been in service for over 32 years and is used by more than 29,000 engineering professionals worldwide.

Bug Fixes: Various bugs and minor problems have been addressed in the piping, ducting, structural modules, and general functionality to enhance overall performance and stability.

These updates reflect Mech-Q’s commitment to keeping its software compatible with the latest CAD technologies and continuously improving its engineering tools for enhanced efficiency and ease of use.


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We are celebrating a new Mech-Q release. Save 25% use coupon SAVE-25P - but hurry, this expires soon.

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