We’ve just released these new improvements for Mech-Q.

Here are just a few things you will find in the latest version of Mech-Q.

Piping Improvements:

  • Piping Tools – Data Import/Export feature (See Video Below)
  • Pumps – Add Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise option
  • Add Piping BOM Edit Tool
  • Piping BOM – Add option to Reset Table/Balloons
  • Piping BOM – Add option: Unique Pipe + Fitting
  • New Tool 2D labels – auto-rotate with pipe direction

Structural Improvements:

    • Stairs – Add Aluminum stringers and treads
    • Stairs – Upgrade Hand Rail drawing (now 2D & 3D!)
    • Added full detail option
  • Add Cope tool (With CFG)
  • Structural BOM – Add option to Reset
  • Table/Balloons

Ducting Improvements:

  • Reducing Tees (3D) – Add Conical option
  • New BOM options
  • 2D Elbows: Rotate first, Then mirror
  • Add option to Reset Table/Balloons
  • Add Square type balloon

Plus other recent improvements

YouTube video

New video Mech Q Piping Import Export Basics (our thanks to RealWorldCAD)

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