An AutoCAD Alternative With Engineering Tools Included For Free

AViCAD is a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD that offers all the necessary CAD features but at a much lower price. It includes additional features such as Mech-Q productivity tools for engineering and Easyarch for architecture, making it a comprehensive CAD program.

AViCAD is easy to use with a shorter learning curve and is fully compatible with AutoCAD DWGs. Like AutoCAD, you can customize the CAD workspace, create shortcuts and run LISP routines. AViCAD also provides free trials for users and one on one customer support.

The number one reason to choose AViCAD is that when you compare it to other AutoCAD alternatives, you get more features, tools, and functionality for designing and drafting no matter what industry you may be in.

It’s definitely a product you will want to try. Here are some links for you to refer to in the video above. (DIMSCALE info) (53 CAD commands PDF) (Ducting Tutorials)

AViCAD is for anyone who wants a fast and efficient CAD program with all the power and versatility of standard programs such as AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. It’s a powerful CAD engine that provides a great alternative to even the latest releases of AutoCAD.

AViCAD is more compatible with AutoCAD DWGs and commands than other CAD products. It uses the same file formats for drawings (.dwg files), commands, line types, hatch patterns, and text styles. You can also use AutoCAD menu files and even import your AutoLISP programs.

AViCAD provides additional tools such as the Express Tools with advanced CAD features, and is supported by the latest Windows 7 through 11 – 64 bit releases.

This powerful AutoCAD alternative provides an incredible combination of features for CAD engineers, and designers. Coupled with Mech-Q it is truly an “engineering workhorse”.

AViCAD incorporates standard features found in other CAD programs, along with features and capability you just won’t find anywhere else.

Why replace AutoCAD with AViCAD?

AutoCAD has long been the go-to software for 2D and 3D design, but it’s not the only option available anymore. There are many good CAD alternatives on the market today, each with their own set of advantages and additional features to offer. Here’s why you might want to consider switching to an CAD alternative and features to look for while making the move.

1. Cost savings – One of the biggest advantages of AutoCAD alternatives is cost. AutoCAD is an expensive product, and many users find they don’t need all the features it offers. When looking for a program to replace AutoCAD, you’ll often find a lower price point without sacrificing quality.

2. Additional features – CAD alternatives often come with additional features that are not available in AutoCAD. For example these can include block managers, drawing utilities and productivity tools.

3. Ease of use – AutoCAD can be a complex program to master, with a steep learning curve for new users. Some CAD alternatives offer intuitive dialog interfaces and extensive block libraries.

4. Compatibility – Many AutoCAD-Like “clones” can read and write DWG files, the same format used by AutoCAD. This means you can collaborate with users who are still using AutoCAD, without the need for file conversions.AutoCAD Release History

5. Upgrade cycles – AutoCAD Release History. AutoCAD releases new versions of its software on a regular basis, meaning users need to keep their subscriptions active to stay current. Some CAD alternatives have a more relaxed upgrade cycle, which could save you both time and money.

6. Flexibility – AutoCAD alternatives often allow customization and personalized workflows. This can make the software more efficient, less cluttered and better suited to specific needs.

7. Industry-specific features – Some AutoCAD alternatives are tailored for specific industries, such as architecture or mechanical engineering. These substitutes may offer specialized tools and features that are not available in AutoCAD.

8. Customer support – AutoCAD is known for its comprehensive customer support, but many CAD alternatives offer a more personalized customer service. This can include direct phone support, one to one screen sharing, and even beginning starter tutorials.

9. Free trials – When looking for a CAD alternatives, check to see if there is a free trial available. This will allow you to test out the software to see if it’s a good fit. If demo walk through videos are available, you can save yourself some time to see if its what you are looking for. 

10. Room for growth – As your needs and projects change, it’s important to choose software that will grow with you. Some CAD alternatives offer the potential for growth and expansion, including network and site wide licensing for large offices.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider an AutoCAD alternative. Whether you’re looking for lower cost, additional features, or greater ease of use, there’s an CAD substitute out there that can meet your needs. With so many options available, it’s worth taking the time to explore the market and find the software that’s right for you.

A look at our AutoCAD-like alternative called AViCAD

5 more reasons to choose AViCAD

AViCAD is a powerful alternative to AutoCAD that offers additional features and tools for designers, engineers and architects. Here are some reasons why you should consider using AViCAD:

1 – AViCAD is affordable and offers a great value for the money. Compared to AutoCAD, AViCAD has the same features and functionality. This makes it an excellent option for individuals and companies that are looking for the best value.

2- AViCAD is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The software features a graphic ribbon interface, a band of icons at the top of the working area. For users who prefer a more traditional interface the ribbon can also be turned off or hidden while not in use.

autocad price comparison

3- AViCAD offers great compatibility and interoperability. It can read and write DWG files, which is the file format used by AutoCAD, making it easy to share files across different teams or even collaborate with individuals or companies using AutoCAD. AViCAD can import BIM workflows, SVF, STEP, IGES file types (just to name a few), and allows for smart collaboration. It is also compatible with other file formats such as DXF, DWF, and PDF.

4- AViCAD comes loads of features that are useful for both 2D and 3D design. With AViCAD, you can create and edit 2D drawings, as well as create complex 3D models. The software offers a range of tools such as a 3D solid modeling, layer and color management, dynamic block support, as well as a vast library of symbols and parts.

5- AViCAD offers unparalleled support for a wide range of industries, including architecture, engineering, and construction. This software is ideal for creating building plans and design layouts, mechanical parts and assemblies and other engineering related projects.

We provide our users with a comprehensive collection of tutorials, online help, and documentation, as well as regular software updates. AViCAD also offers both free and paid beginners courses formatted in 15 minute learning sessions.

Choosing AViCAD as your CAD alternative will provide you with significant benefits such as cost savings, ease of use, compatibility, a wide range of extra features and tools, industry-specific solutions, and excellent customer support.

With all its powerful capabilities, unparalleled value, and robust support, AViCAD is an excellent CAD alternative that delivers the results you need for your CAD drawings and engineering projects.

Extra Tools you’ll get in AViCAD Plus

In addition to offering a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to AutoCAD, AViCAD also provides a variety of extra tools that users can take advantage of. These features allow users to improve their productivity and work more efficiently on their projects.

AViCAD Plus is a comprehensive software package that includes several essential tools for engineering and architectural design. One of the key features of this software is the Mech-Q engineering suite, which includes four main modules: piping, structural, mechanical, and HVAC. These modules provide engineers with a wide range of tools in both 2D and 3D.

Another important tool included in AViCAD Plus is Easyarch, a 2D/3D architectural tool that simplifies the design process for architects and interior designers. With Easyarch, users can create detailed floor plans, elevations, and 3D models of buildings and structures, complete with accurate measurements and annotations.

AViCAD Plus also includes the Icad Block library, which contains over 10,000 pre-drawn CAD blocks that can be used to speed up the drawing process. Blocks can be easily inserted into the drawing and modified if needed. These blocks cover a wide range of industries including architecture, engineering, electrical and more. Custom blocks can also be added into the library as well.


A 3D PDF publisher is another powerful tool included in AViCAD Plus, which allows users to distribute interactive 3D drawings with clients and colleagues. This tool allows you to share your designs and communicate ideas using your 3D model, making it an essential tool to have for anyone involved in design and engineering.

Finally, AViCAD Plus includes Solidworks compatibility import and export tools, which allow users to seamlessly transfer designs between AViCAD and Solidworks. This feature is particularly useful for companies that use both software packages, as it allows for smooth collaboration and workflow between teams using Solidworks.

How similar is AViCAD as compared to AutoCAD?

AViCAD and AutoCAD are both computer-aided design (CAD) software programs used by architects, engineers, drafters, and designers to create precise 2D and 3D models. While both programs have similar functions and capabilities, there are some notable differences between the two.

One of the most important differences between AViCAD and AutoCAD is the price and its why many choose it to replace their current CAD version. AViCAD is a much more affordable option as compared to AutoCAD. It’s a perfect choice for small shops or CAD consultants who may not have the budget to invest in expensive software. 

In terms of features, both AViCAD and AutoCAD offer similar tools and drawing commands.  There are Scaling Tools, Pan and Zoom Tools and even Custom Toolbars and Palettes. However, AViCAD also includes some unique features such as the Mech-Q and Easyarch, which for those doing engineering and architectural projects.

Mech-Q screenshot

Another key difference between AViCAD and AutoCAD is the user interface. While both software programs offer a user-friendly environment, users who are used to working with AutoCAD may find it easier to transition to AViCAD due to its similar command interface,  Ribbon, Properties / Tool palette, Layer palette and Express tools.

Furthermore, AViCAD has excellent compatibility with AutoCAD file types, which means that users can transfer files between both programs seamlessly. This ability to work natively with AutoCAD files is a significant advantage for AViCAD users who need to collaborate with AutoCAD users or work in a mixed environment.

While AViCAD may not be as widely used as AutoCAD,  the program offers excellent customer support a comprehensive user manual and tutorials to help users quickly get up to speed with the software.

Overall, while there are some differences between AViCAD and AutoCAD, both software programs share many features and capabilities. If you are on a budget or new to CAD software, AViCAD is an excellent alternative that provides great functionality at an affordable price.

AutoCAD’s New Subscription Model

AutoCAD recently change its subscription model. In the past, users could choose between purchasing a perpetual license or subscribing to the software on an annual basis. However, as of 2021, Autodesk, (the parent company of AutoCAD), made the decision to discontinue the perpetual license option.

This means that users who were previously able to own the software outright will now need to subscribe to AutoCAD on an annual or monthly basis and keep subscriptions active in order to use it.

Many users have been disappointed with the discontinuation of the AutoCAD perpetual license option.

AViCAD offers perpetual licenses, which are a one-time payment option that provides access to the software indefinitely. This option is ideal for those who want to own the software outright and use it for an extended period.

Additionally, AViCAD provides monthly and yearly subscription plans that offer a more affordable way to access the software while still enjoying all the features and benefits of the perpetual license. These payment options make AViCAD accessible to a wider range of customers, regardless of their budget or frequency of use.

Limitations of AutoCAD LT

One of the main limitations of AutoCAD LT is its lack of 3D capabilities. If a user needs to create more complex 3D models, they may need to consider upgrading to the full version of AutoCAD or looking for other CAD alternatives.

AutoCAD LT does not have the same level of customization and automation tools as the full version of AutoCAD. While users can create basic scripts , they do not have access to creating and running custom LISP routines.

LISP (is a programming language that allows users to create their own commands and functions. Many 3rd party routines such as Mech-Q are written in this language.

AutoCAD’s express tools are a set of additional features and commands that are not available in the LT version. These tools make support dimensioning, text editing, and block management, making them a valuable addition to the drawing tools in AutoCAD.

The good news is AViCAD can create complex 3D models, run LISP and lots more. It also includes the Express Tools and exports/imports many file types.

Is AViCAD the best free AutoCAD alternative?

AViCAD offers a 30-day free trial to allow users to test and evaluate the software before purchasing. So while AViCAD isn’t free, its pricing is very affordable, especially compared to other CAD software options on the market. You’ll find that its a great AutoCAD alternative that is easy to use and learn.. Additionally,

AViCAD offers two different pricing options. You can choose a perpetual license or either a Monthly or Yearly subscription. Users can receive updates and technical support within one year after purchase. Or if you are a subscriber, you can update anytime For users who want to lower their upfront costs, AViCAD is a great choice.

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