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AViCAD’s Lastest Features

AViCAD Pro Latest Release:

Over the past year our development team have been busy creating an even more dynamic drawing solution with new features and utilities to optimize the design process and enhance the entire drawing process.

A look at AViCAD 2017

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AViCAD Offers Closest AutoCAD Experience

AutoCAD is one of the most popular 2D/ 3D design software today. It is commonly used by engineers, architects, and technical designers.

But AutoCAD is quite expensive, and it is not easy for everyone to buy. Luckily there is a good alternative available called AViCAD.

AViCAD Professional is a comprehensive and cost-effective CAD Software, which is compatible with AutoCAD. It is an extremely powerful CAD package for both 2D and 3D drafting. Read more

AViCAD 8 Times More Affordable Than AutoCAD

AViCAD Affordable AutoCAD AlternativeAViCAD may not have every feature found in AutoCAD, but let’s face it – for everyday 2D and 3D drafting you just cant beat the price.

AViCAD is very affordable – – infact 8 times more affordable in price than AutoCAD. You’ll have over 90% of same functionality found in AutoCAD. Commands will be the same and the learning curve is none.

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3 ways to be more productive with Mech-Q today

Mech-Q SoftwareThe beauty of Mech-Q is that it’s well suited for both small and larger projects. The limitations of what it can do with our add-on are endless.

We’ve taken the work out of creating professional looking drawings and have provided you an easy to understand workflow – it’s all laid out, right in front of you, so that you can stay on track with your project.

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AViCAD Piping Now Available!

Zwcad Autocad-alternative
We are happy to announce the new AViCAD products at CadAvenue. Recently we have added different ways to purchase AViCAD.

AViCAD is now available with Piping or with all our Engineering Tools. AViCAD can open, edit and save DWG/DXF files created in AutoCAD without the need for manual import or export operations!

AViCAD is nearly identical to AutoCAD® and offers an extremely affordable alternative.

You will find that the commands and icons and commands will be instantly familiar to you. Best of all AViCAD is equipped with our Mech-Q Piping tools which are fully integrated into each AViCAD package. AViCAD is fully compatible with the latest versions of AutoCAD too!

Compare the 2 AViCAD options here.

AViCAD looks just like AutoCAD!

zwcad mechq screenshot

Cost savings and value

AViCAD is a AutoCAD “clone” which looks and feels just like AutoCAD. Many of our MechQ users are extremely happy with AViCAD and cannot believe the cost savings and value our engineering bundle has to offer.

Same AutoCAD configuration

Mech-Q’s menus and pulldowns also offer the exact same commands found in a the MechQ and AutoCAD configuration. The slide above (click to expand) shows the standard layout for Mech-Q inside AViCAD. Also note that the Mech-Q toolbars can be docked anyway you wish, we show them here below the menu bar. Also notice in the screenshot the striking similarity between AViCAD and AutoCAD.

Price Comparisons AViCAD And Mech-Q

Currently AutoCAD costs anywhere from $3800-$4000. AViCAD offers its professional 3D package at 85% less than Autodesk! In comparison you will also find that the Mech-Q modules for AViCAD are also less expensive. For example both the Piping Module and AViCAD which purchase together is about $1000.

So try out the MechQ AViCAD bundle for 30 days and let us know what you think. Digital delivery is usually available within 24 hours of purchase.

A Big Surprise! – Introducing AViCAD

AViCAD Engineering Solution

An Unbeatable CAD Solution

Now you can purchase our entire suite of engineering tools and receive a complete CAD package. AViCAD offers the same exact functionality in Mech-Q but at a savings you just won’t believe.

In fact we’ve got a huge surprise in store for you! We have developed a standalone bundle which contains our popular engineering suite and priced it so that it is affordable for both small and large offices. You’ll receive ALL of our engineering tools (the entire full suite) plus a whole lot more. Read more