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Mech-Q 4.08 releases

We’ve released an update for Mech-Q! This update applies to the entire program.

If you are using AutoCAD, AViCAD even IntelliCAD – same updates will apply. Read more

Mech-Q supports these CAD applications.

If you are a CAD user in the engineering profession, we’ve got just the add-on you need – and it’s called Mech-Q. And even if you are running a AutoCAD alternative we’ve got you covered.

Just like IntelliCAD and other applications offer inexpensive alternatives to AutoCAD, Mech-Q also offers the most affordable engineering add ons alternatives available today. Read more

New 3D Piping Tools In Latest Release

Engineering Software's Press ReleaseWe are happy to announce that we have now added new 3D Piping Tools (Mech-Q AutoCAD 2010-2018 and AViCAD only)…

New features in Latest Release include:

• 3D Isometric Dimensioning
• 3D Fitting Rotate
• UCS Alignment
• Elevation Change by ANGLE or DISTANCE

Other recent improvements included:    Read more

How to create 3D Dimensions in just 3 steps using Mech-Q

Dimensioning in 3D can be a tricky process in CAD. The UCS (the coordinates system used in 3D model space) has to be manipulated so that dimensions are true to their angle an display properly when viewed in 3D.

Thankfully there’s a real easy solution to this painstaking task in our new Mech-Q release. In both AutoCAD and AViCAD (our AutoCAD alternative) you’ll find a new tool called 3D Dimension. It can be located within a Toolbar we call Piping Extra. Read more

How to create 3D flanges for your Piping Drawings

Flanges can be a little tricky to draw by hand in CAD – especially if drawing in 3D. Today we are drawing pipe flanges in a isometric view using our Mech-Q tool in AViCAD.

Upon loading the the main piping dialog box from the toolbar or Mech-Q pulldown you can select either single, double line or 3D. In the video example below, we are working with the 3D option.

3 minute video walkthrough on how to create a piping flange. Read more

New AViCAD Release

AViCAD We are happy to inform you that an AViCAD Pro update is now available! Now DWG 2.5-2017 support with quick install and simplified registration plus hundreds of bonus utilities.

AViCAD is a IntelliCAD based CAD Application which is rapidly becoming the choice among firms across the USA, Canada and Europe. You will find that the commands and icons and commands will be instantly familiar to you. Its an extremely affordable AutoCAD alternative.

Best of all AViCAD is 100% compatible with our engineering software. It features a easy to use drop down menu and toolbar interface that integrates into the CAD program.

And AViCAD is fully Compatible with the Windows 8 /8.1/10  too!

AViCAD will run on all 32 and 64 bit Windows computers, plus it saves to DWG files by default without the need for manual import or export operations. AViCAD is available in both (AViCAD Piping ) or both 2D & 3D (AViCAD Pro).