ZW3D - CAD/ CAM 3D ProductZWSoft, the makers of AViCAD,  have just released a new 3D CAD product called ZW3D. This is a alternative to Autodesk Inventor and is a completely new breed of CAD/CAM software. If you are looking for an affordable and powerful “all-in-one” software solution for design, analysis, and manufacturing look no further!

ZW3D allows you to get even your toughest jobs accomplished in no time at all. With ZW3D you can effortlessly create wireframes, solids and surfaces and is perfectly suited for any production modeling environment. It will also import any imported file, including scan data. It supports STL, point cloud, scan data and more.

ZW3D will soon be available right here at CADavenue.   » Contact us today to preorder!

ZW3D Main Features

  • Import massive files
  • Integrate solid/surface modeling
  • 2-5 Axis optimized milling
  • Sheet metal specific commands speed design and flat pattern layouts
  • Get the speed of solids ,the power of surface and the flexibility of wireframe
  • Eliminate model repair time
  • Convert 2D images to 3D models

Digital sculpturing and surfacing

  • Supports Class A Surfacing to add style & designs
  • Get total control over surface curvature
  • Dynamically morph any shape
  • Directly edit surfaces

Versatile Assembly Design

  • Top-down and bottom-up assembly design
  • Fast and simple to make assembly animation
  • Burst technology easy to make big assembly

Reads, Scans & Builds In Many Ways

  • Work with STL , point cloud and scan data to build 3D models and assemblies
  • Build surfaces?refine meshes and repair parts
  • Reconstruct parts
  • Send to ZW3D CAM for STL machining
  • Support your 3D printer and more

Supports 2-5 axis CAM

  • QuickMilling improves productivity
  • SmoothFlow AFC(TM) Technology
  • Adaptive Feedrate Control
  • Intelligent Machining Automation
  • Features Aware Offset 3D milling

Includes Self Paced Tutorials

  • Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • Reduce cost of training
  • Accelerate learning speed
  • Many good examples just like a 3D tutorial book

» Learn more about ZW3D today contact us with any questions you may have.

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